Financial Information

Pett Parish Council provides a schedule of payments at our Council meetings each month. Each Quarterly report will published in full showing all expenditure and the quarterly comparison actual expenditure against that anticipated in the budget. This exceeds the minimum requirement of the Data Transparency Code to publish expenditure items over £500 on a quarterly basis.

Pett Parish Council is insured by Zurich Insurance plc.

Notice of Conclusion of Audit
External Audit Certificate 2017-2018
Audited Annual Return External Report 2017-2018
Audited Annual Governance and Annual Return 2017-2018

Contracts over £100 Unaudited

Budget Comparison 2017 – 2018 unaudited

Accounts 2017 – 2018 March

Accounts 2017-2018 February

Accounts 2017 -2018 – January

Audited Annual return – Internal auditor’s comments

External Auditor’s Comments