Pett Village Hall: Exercise Classes and Face Coverings

As already posted, from 8 August it will be a requirement for people using Pett Village Hall to use a face covering.

But there is confusion about whether this requirement will also apply to people whilst they are actually exercising in an exercise class. The Government has confirmed that there is currently no requirement for people exercising in a gym to wear a face covering  whilst actually exercising.

Pett Village Hall Management Committee have given careful thought to this issue, and have decided that the following will apply:

Until told definitively otherwise by regulation, Pett Village Hall Management Committee will NOT require people to wear masks when actually exercising in the village hall, but will ask them to wear them at other times, eg when entering or leaving the hall. All other users must wear a face covering at all times from 8 August.
Tim Rothwell, Chair, Pett Village Hall Management Committee

500 Club Draw – July

The July 500 Club draw will take place at Pett Village Hall at 11.00am on Wednesday 5 August during the Community Library. Please comply with social distancing requirements. Many thanks.

Please Don’t Park on the Pavement

Just a polite reminder that instead of parking on the pavements you are very welcome to park in the car park at Pett Village Hall. Parking on the pavements causes problems for pedestrians, especially those with buggies and people with disabilities, and blocks the vision of car drivers leaving their drives. It also makes social distancing difficult. Thank you.

Get Safe Online Safe Student Campaign

The Neighbourhood Watch Get Safe Online Safe Student Campaign can be seen here NHW 020820

Pett Village Hall – Face Coverings

From 8 August, and in accordance with Government regulations (see below), it will be a requirement for all users of Pett Village Hall to use a face covering. The special conditions of hire document has been updated accordingly. It can be read here Conditions of Hire Covid – 2 August 2020
Face Coverings – Government Rules

M23 Roadworks Update

The latest update (1 August) on the M23 roadworks can be read here M23 010820