This page is for local writers who would like their work published on Pett on the Net. We now have our first contribution. We hope there will be lots more.

The Folly – Lisa Ives

We have been sent a great short story by Lisa Ives for publishing on Pett on the Net. Lisa’s story, The Folly, is inspired by the iconic castle-like building at Pett level that always causes comment from visitors.

Lisa is a freelance writer based in the Garden of England. Her work involves a number of creative projects including script writing for children, and comedy writing. Her greatest passion lies in fiction, and she is currently writing a novel set in the 19th Century between London, Margate and Buckinghamshire.

Lisa considers Pett Level to be her second home, visiting at every opportunity. Her 50th birthday was spent there and this is when The Folly started to take shape. She has always found the building intriguing, and has come up with a number of stories to fill the gaps in her knowledge and lack of any background history. This is the first of a series of short stories following the lives of Marjorie and Dotty as they embark on some new adventures together.

Lisa’s story, The Folly, can be read here