Pett Macmillan Coffee morning 30th September 9am – 12noon Pett Village Hall 2022

Pett Macmillan Coffee morning 30th September 9am 12noon Pett Village Hall 2022

Pett Macmillan Coffee morning 30th September 9am 12noon Pett Village Hall 2022

September Coffee Morning – Next one Wednesday 5th October 2022

Coffee Morning and Community Library Notes

September Coffee Morning fell on quite a warm day and we started setting up the Community Library outside, but it rained – fortunately before we had actually put out any books. We sheltered in the porch in hope the showers would pass, but they just got heavier so we muddled on inside. We will try and make the space more comfortable for October, when we will also be welcoming back the Jigsaw Library. We apologise if you were looking for jigsaws at September Coffee Morning, but do please remember that Jane Sweaney is always happy to take an order and will even deliver to you if you can’t make it to her at Oakhurst, Pett Road. What a great service Jane offers. You can phone her on 07788 410342. We do have a paper copy at the library of the Jigsaw Catalogue, so please ask to see it if you are interested.

The Coffee Morning team always put in a huge effort with tablecloths and fresh flowers on the tables and delicious home-made cakes and hot drinks for sale. All profits go to charity and we will advise you from time to time where the money raised has been sent.

Our Book of the Month is The Heron’s Cry by Ann Cleeves. We have been lucky to acquire a copy of this second novel in the new Two Rivers series by Ann Cleeves, author of the Vera and Shetland (TV) series. The Heron’s Cry, a New York Times best seller, is a follow up to The Long Call, which introduced Ann Cleeves’ new detective Matthew Venn. Each book can be read as a “stand-alone” with just enough information from the first to set the scene for the second. The two rivers in the series are the Taw and the Torridge in North Devon, and while one review describes The Heron’s Cry as a ‘complex murder mystery full of surprises’ and others say it is thought-provoking, full of intrigue and twists and turns, the book is also concerned with the beauty of this area in Devon as well as the very human relationships between all the characters. A satisfying read all round.

Next Coffee Morning – Wednesday 5th October, 10 – 12. Do come along and say hello.

Anna and Vivien, Anne, Tim and Fran

Pett Village Hall August 500 Club Winners

PVH 500 Club Winners Poster August 2022

PVH 500 Club Winners Poster August 2022

A Moment of Reflection on the Eve of the Funeral of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

There will be e one-minute silence on Sunday 18 September at 8.00 pm. It has been suggested that groups may wish to come together for a brief period of reflection on the Queen’s reign and her achievements. The following text has been suggested as a guide:

A Moment of Reflection on the Eve of the Funeral of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

By 19.55 members of the community will gather at [location].

At 19.58 the convenor of the event will say:

Thank you all for gathering here this evening for this brief vigil on the eve of the funeral of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

In a few moments we will join with people across the United Kingdom in a Moment of Silent Reflection. During the Minute we will have an opportunity, in silence, to reflect on the lifetime of service which Her late Majesty devoted to the United Kingdom, the Realms and Territories and to the Commonwealth.

The Queen was sure in her faith and steadfast in her duty, bringing constancy through 70 years of change. We will remember Her late Majesty with affection and gratitude and silently give thanks in our hearts for her unswerving devotion to us and to our Country.

The one-minute silence will follow.

The vigil will conclude with all present saying: God Save The King


WI August Update – next meeting Wednesday 21st September

Pett WI News from Belinda Wood, President

During the very warm week of July members held a slightly different monthly meeting with many of them participating in part of the Jubilee walk ending back at Pett Village Hall where they met up with the rest of the membership for a great social. Thank you to Tracy Horner for helping organise the walk and to Sally Watson and the rest of the committee for helping with the fabulous treats back at the Hall including bubbles, cherry vodka and fresh cherry sauce and ice cream!  The walk proved so popular that a new Pett WI Walking Group has been set-up!

Pett WI News for September photo 1 walking the Jubilee Way

Pett WI News August Update walking the Jubilee Way

I was unable to attend this year’s Pett Flower Show but I know what a great success it was.  And we have huge thanks to pay from all those members from Pett WI who helped stock and run the refreshments, especially to Jane Murray who helped coordinate this.

Pett WI news for September 2022 photo 2 tea and cake at the flower show

Pett WI news for September 2022  – refreshments for the flower show

A reminder to members our September meeting will be held on Wednesday 21st at 7.30pm when we will be hearing from Emma Batten a writer of local historical fiction from Dymchurch.

The Archive Resource Centre – Reginald Eves Sketches

Fairlight Magazine Aug 2022 Reginal Eves donated sketches p 1

Fairlight Magazine Aug 2022 Reginal Eves donated sketches p 1

Fairlight Magazine Aug 2022 Reginal Eves donated sketches p2

Fairlight Magazine Aug 2022 Reginal Eves donated sketches p2

Pett Macmillan Coffee Morning 30th September 9am – 12noon Pett Village Hall 2022

Pett Macmillan Coffee morning 30th September 9am 12noon Pett Village Hall 2022

Pett Macmillan Coffee morning 30th September 9am 12noon Pett Village Hall 2022

Pett on the Knit  – Update – September 2022

Pett on the Knit  – September 2022

Pett on the Knit Logo

You’re not going to like me saying this but: Autumn is rolling in, the evenings will soon get darker earlier, and you’ll need something to do while watching the telly.  So why not pick up those knitting needles, come to me if you need some wool, and start knitting for Knit for Peace………

Knit for Peace accepts anything knitted with love: baby clothes, knitted toys, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, together with the blankets which we have been making this year, which are then distributed to those in need in deserving countries at home and abroad. This year it is going to be a cold, long winter for many families in the UK unable to afford heat and light and needing to visit foodbanks– which our brilliant Pett WI helps to support with its WICAID scheme –  in order to eat. So warm items of knitted clothing are going to be in demand.

If you are not a confident knitter the squares which make up the blankets are really easy. The dimensions and pattern are below. Squares should measure 12.5cms (5 inches) square, be made of synthetic DK wool, and knitted on No 4mm (old fashioned No 8) needles.

Blanket Square Pattern: (knit diagonally)

Cast on 1 stitch.

Row 1: kf&b (2 stitches)

Row 2: K1, kf&b (3 stitches)

Row 3: K1, kf&b, k1 (4 stitches)

Row 4: K1, kf&b, k2 (5 stitches)

Row 5: K1, kf&b, k3 (6 stitches)

Row 6: K1, *K1, kf&b, knit to end of row*

Repeat the 6th Row from * to * until side of the square measures 12.5 cms or 5 ins exactly.

Begin to decrease.

Next Row: K1, k2tog, knit to end of row.

Repeat this row until 2 stitches remain.

Next Row: K 2 together.

Tidy up wool ends by sewing into square.

Abbreviations: K = Knit, Kf&b = knit into the front and back of the same stitch, K2tog= knit two stitches together.

If you need any wool, let me know. I’m not in need of any donations of wool at the moment but if you have any squares or items to donate please bring them to the Coffee Mornings, or to me at 2 Brambletye, Pett Road, near the Methodist Church.  I can always come and collect – any questions please contact me on 07977 100 296 or or




Police Campaign: Click, Call, Connect

Reporting online could save lives

Sussex Police are reminding residents that the decisions they make when choosing how to report a crime could be the difference between saving a life or not.

It is vital phone lines are kept clear for people who need to contact police during a genuine emergency and need assistance urgently.

But it is not just for emergencies where it is important that the phone lines are kept clear. Some of the most vulnerable members of our community, like the elderly who may not have access to the internet, will call us to report non-emergencies.

Please be considerate when choosing how to report a non-emergency with Sussex Police so every resident can access the same levels of good service.

There are many advantages to reporting online which could be more beneficial to you.

Rather than relaying an account of your report to a contact officer, you can submit a comprehensive account which can be done at your leisure.

The force does experience a high volume of calls, particularly to our 101 number, so by reporting online you do not need to spend time waiting in a queue to contact us.

One of the most common misconceptions about reporting online is that reports aren’t seen or triaged by a contact officer. You can be reassured that all reports made online are assessed by a skilled contact officer – the very same people who you would normally speak to if you called 101.

Click report online at Stay informed by connecting with us on social media and by signing up to Sussex Alerts visit

Call 101 when you don’t require an urgent response. In an emergency always call 999.

Connect with us face-to-face at your nearest police station or contact point. Contact your local policing team for community matters.