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Pett Mutual Aid is Part of Rye Mutual Aid

This is the link to the RMA Facebook page

This is the link to the Rye Mutual Aid website.  http://www.ryemutualaid.org/

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Pett Level Preservation Trust

Children’s Art Competition

What’s special about Pett Level? Games on the beach? Fossil hunting at Cliff end? Our fantastic wild birds?

If you can think of anyone under 16 who might be looking for something to do over the next few weeks, why not get them to capture their favourite thing about Pett Level as a drawing, a painting, a collage – anything they like – and enter our competition. It’s free to enter and the winning picture will be turned into a postcard which will be available for sale in the village over the summer.

Our competition judge this year will be renowned local artist Annie Soudain.

FREE entry

Competition Deadline: Saturday 23rd May 2020

Prize: £30 voucher and a framed copy of the postcard once printed

All entries will be displayed in the New Beach Club at Pett Level over the late May Bank holiday weekend if the club has re-opened. The winner will be announced on Monday 25th May 2020.

Download entry forms from:


or here PLPT 300320 Postcard Comp Entry Form 2020 new

Bonfires: Please Think of Others

Now that our garden waste collection service has been suspended, at least for the next few weeks, people are likely to have more bonfires than usual. As a result, a number of residents have asked for a note to be put on Pett on the Net and the Pett Facebook page about bonfires during the current coronavirus pandemic.

If you do intend having a bonfire, please consider your neighbours. We’re all being asked to remain in our homes and gardens so there’s no escape if someone ‘downwind’ starts burning garden waste.

People may be sitting or working in their gardens or drying washing, and doors and windows may be open.

More importantly, neighbours may be unwell. Bonfire smoke is polluting and potentially a health hazard, particularly to those with heart and respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis – or even the corona virus itself – and who need to be in a well-ventilated room.


Compost green garden waste, and chip/shred the rest. This can be used as a mulch to prevent weeds growing, like bark, and will bio-degrade. But do not use diseased material as a mulch.

If a bonfire is unavoidable please see the Environment Agency’s advice:


  • Site bonfires well away from houses
  • Check wind direction and make sure it’s blowing away from surrounding properties
  • Burn in the evening when doors and windows are more likely to be closed
  • Supervise burning and check the fire has gone out before leaving it
  • Limit the number of bonfires

We are all in this together and your co-operation would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Pett Virtual Coffee Morning

We are so sad not to be seeing you all this Wednesday in the Pett Village Hall. We have decided to have a virtual coffee morning!
Please send a photo of yourselves having coffee at home and include if possible any crafts you have been making, what books you are reading, what baking you have done or even take the photo in your garden so we can see your beautiful plants. All photos will be displayed on a new page on Pett on the Net – https://www.pettnet.org.uk/pett-virtual-coffee-morning – so we can see what each other has been up to.
Please send a photo to tim.rothwell@pettnet.org.uk – we would love to hear from you.
Best Wishes
Anne, Tim and Fran
Here is my contribution for the virtual coffee morning. https://www.pettnet.org.uk/pett-virtual-coffee-morning
Best wishes to everyone and good reading, crafting and gardening. Hoping to see you all when it is safe to do so.
Jen (Grist)

Rother Neighbourhood Watch Update: 28 March

The latest update from Rother Neighbourhood Watch can be read here RNW 280320



Great News! We now have nearly 30 volunteers who have signed up to help residents in Pett & Pett Level who are self-isolating as a result of Coronavirus. Thank you to all of them!

What is Pett Mutual Aid?

We are a sub group of Rye Mutual Aid, which was established just 2 weeks ago and now has over 600 registered volunteers working in Rye and the surrounding towns and villages. All the volunteers follow the national guidelines for health and safety and wear a Rye Mutual Aid ID badge.

We are here to support you should need help now or in the coming weeks.

  • Help can include the collection of food shopping (essential items only)
  • Collection of prescriptions
  • A friendly phone chat on a regular basis
  • Walking the dog, post mail

Many people have been helped by family & friends over the past couple of weeks, but this could change as more people  self-isolate.

Pett Mutual Aid is there to provide a back up and safety net, when your normal support networks fail.

The Rye Mutual Aid website (www.ryemutualaid.org) contains a lot of valuable information, especially the list of shopping outlets offering home delivery. We have been working closely with these local businesses and the information is updated daily on the Rye Mutual Aid website. You can access the list here: www.ryemutualaid.org/local-offers

How do you access help?:

The Mutual Aid group has two Volunteer Co-ordinators, John Case and Frances Hadfield. They will manage requests for help and assistance and then pass on to a registered Volunteer, who will contact you make arrangements to carry out the request where they are able to.

John – 07525 032198

Frances – 07714 281085

If you would like to Volunteer to help in Pett & Pett Level, you can sign up on the Rye Mutual Aid website – www.ryemutualaid.org/become-a-volunteer

Many thanks

Best wishes

John & Frances


Pett Village Hall 500 Club

M23 Roadworks Update: 28 March 2020

The latest update on the roadworks on the M23 can be read here M23 280320

Update from Katy Bourne, Police and Crime Commissioner

The latest update (27March) from Katy Bourne, Police and Crime Commissioner, can be read here Katy Bourne 270320

Closure of Beach Club, Pett Level

Coronavirus: A message from the Chief Constable of Sussex

A message from Giles York, the Chief Constable of Sussex, regarding coronavirus can be read here Police 270320

Garden Waste Collection – A message from Rother DC

Late this afternoon (26 March) we received notification from Biffa our waste contractor that the first agreed trigger point in the business continuity plan of 20% staff absence, has been exceeded. To protect the priority services over the next four weeks garden waste services will now be suspended across the Joint Waste Partnership. This suspension will remain in place until at least week ending Friday 24 April. We will continue to update you as this situation evolves.


What Pett Parish Council Does




Rye Mutual Aid: Website

As you will probably know by now, Pett Mutual Aid is part of Rye Mutual Aid, working to ensure that those in need in Pett and Pett Level are able to call on all sorts of help during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Rye Mutual Aid have a website – http://www.ryemutualaid.org/

Please visit it for further information on the Mutual Aid Scheme. This includes details of local businesses offering home deliveries etc (direct link here  https://www.ryemutualaid.org/local-offers )

John Case johncase@me.com


Frances Hadfield franceshadfield5@gmail.com

are the dispatchers (co-ordinators) for Pett and Pett Level.

New Rother.gov.uk website


The new look Rother website is now live! The new streamlined design gives the website a fresh look and improved functionality, making it easier for residents to complete tasks.

The layout of the website prioritises tasks we know people most commonly visit our website for, such as; reporting missed bins and fly tips, paying for bulky waste collections or planning payments, applying for council tax reduction and housing benefit, checking local planning applications or when bin collections are.

We hope you like the new design – if you have any feedback please sent it to webteam@rother.gov.uk


Rother Neighbourhood Watch: Advice on preventing criminal activity during coronavirus pandemic

Rother Neighbourhood Watch have issued advice on preventing criminal activity during the coronavirus crisis. The advice can be read here RNW 260320

Pett Potatoes! 🌞🥔

The PYO yesterday (25 March) was a great success as we were able to help provide much needed potatoes for over seventy happy pickers, many of whom were also picking for their friends and neighbours.

Thank you everyone for keeping to the social distancing rules. Thank you to Sussex Police for their advice on the organisation of this event.

Best Regards,
Andrew and the team at Lunsford


Letter from Councillor Andrew Mier

Dear Resident,

It’s not business as usual at Rother District Council due to the coronavirus. 

Everything is being done to maintain essential services, but expect delay with routine matters. Staff are working from home and juggling child care and self-isolation. There is a chance that the brown bin (garden waste) service will be suspended to give priority to black bin household waste. I suggest that missed bins are reported online in the usual way, but we may have to be patient.

The car parks at Camber are closed to stop people congregating. Public lavatories, tennis courts and play areas are closed.

The Town Hall is all but closed. Some face to face work continues relating to homelessness and benefits – but only where personal contact cannot be avoided.

Council and committee meetings are cancelled, with powers delegated.

Meanwhile your District Councillors, Roger Bird and myself, your County Councillor, Carl Maynard and of course the Parish Councillors are available – by phone, email messenger etc – to help if we can. Our contact details are on the District, County and Parish websites.

My email is cllr.andrew.mier@rother.gov.uk tel 01424-814178.

From my own observations everyone is doing a great job observing the restrictions. Thanks for your cooperation.

Best wishes.

Cllr Andrew Mier

Southern Rother Ward, Rother District Council