Virtual Show for Young People’s Classes 2020

Members of the committee met on neutral ground to review the entries. The weather conditions were a challenge!

It was agreed that everyone is a winner. The prize money has been divided across all the entries as the standard was so high and all the young people are to be congratulated on their talent.


5-8 Years

Class 77 – Make a vegetable four-eyed monster

Joint First Prize

Alfie Barnard – Aged 5


Emily Shearer – Aged 8


Class 78 – Paint or Draw a Picture of ‘Bright Eyes’

Joint First Prize

Alfie Barnard – Aged 5


Emily Shearer  – Aged 5


9-14 Years

Class 80 – Paint or Draw a Picture of ‘Bright Eyes’

Joint First Prize

Eve White – Age 9


Zoe White- Age 12


Class 81 – Make a Pair of Glasses using Gingerbread

Eve White – Age 9

All Young People – Age 14 and under

Class 83a – Design  a Flower Show Themed Tea Towel

Design a tea towel illustrating the Flower Show (design A4 size). The winning design will be printed and sold at next year’s show and there will a prize of an Amazon voucher for £20.

                At this stage the Committee feel that the competition should be extended as insufficient  publicity was previously given so in the spirit of fair play prizes have been given to the Joint winners at this stage and their entries will be forwarded to a grand final later in the year.

Zoe White – Aged 12


Emily Shearer – Aged 8


Model Making

Scratch Built or from a Kit

An Amazon voucher for £20 will be awarded to the young person (under 16) entering the best hand-made model.

A model in the context of Class 92 is a representation of a real-life object, such as a ship, a train, an aeroplane or a car, in any medium. Judges look for accuracy, craftsmanship and degree of difficulty.


Class 92 – Make a model of a representation of a real-life object

Joint First Prize

Aiden Barnard  – Aged 10


Zoe White – Age 12


Alfie Barnard – Age 5


Emily Shearer – Age 8



Class 94 – Model of a Miniature Scene

Prize is awarded to the young person (under 16) who best exercises their imagination to create a miniature scene (or single object).

In Class 94 the judges look for originality and creativity, again in any medium.

Joint First Prize

Emily Shearer – Age 8


Aiden Barnard – Age 10





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Paula Bernard 

Flower Show Paula Bernard


Christine Penfold

Flower Show Christine Penfold


David Penfold

Flower Show David Penfold


Jane Sweaney

Flower Show Jane Sweaney


Philippa Strickland

Flower Show 2020 Philippa Strickland


Louise Bowles

Flower Show 2020 – Louise Bowles


Libby Rothwell

Flower Show 2020 – Libby Rothwell


Bob Harris

Flower Show 2020 Bob Harris


Kit McLean

Flower Show 2020 Kit McLean