M23 Roadworks Update

The latest update on the roadworks on the M23 (31 October) can be read here M23311020

How to report a problem on East Sussex roads

Details on how to report a problem on East Sussex roads can be found here ESCC Roads

Hastings and Rother Police Update

The latest weekly update (30 October) from Hastings and Rother Police can be read here Police 301020


From: CET PTS Public Transport
Sent: 29 October 2020 16:16
Subject: Update: shuttle buses on Ore – Fairlight – Pett Level – Winchelsea Beach – Rye corridor


Dear colleagues

Further to my email yesterday regarding bus arrangements whilst SGN have a  section of Pett Level Road closed, this is to confirm that the temporary shuttle buses will remain in place tomorrow. Although SGN has still to make contact with the County Council, we understand that it is now highly likely the road will remain closed this weekend and, together with bus company colleagues, we are working to make shuttle bus arrangements for Saturday and Sunday. Thus, we will be back in touch again tomorrow.


From: CET PTS Public Transport
Sent: 28 October 2020 16:09
Subject: Urgent update: shuttle buses on Ore – Fairlight – Pett Level – Winchelsea Beach – Rye corridor

Dear colleagues

Further to my email yesterday regarding shuttle buses that were being laid on due to a road closure by SGN at Pett Level Road (below), we understand that work is ongoing and expected to last at least into tomorrow and possibly beyond that, even into the weekend. Thus, Stagecoach 101 remains on diversion and Rambler Coaches will continue to operate shuttle services 901/902 tomorrow (Thursday).

We will keep you informed of developments.

Best wishes


COVID testing sites

Information on Covid testing sites can be read here Covid testing sites 281020


Mary Philo, Clerk to Pett Parish Council, has asked that the contents of an email she has received about the closure of Pett Level Road owing to a gas leak and its impact on bus services should be made available on Pett on the Net.

The email can be read here Road Closure 281020


I am emailing to notify you about an emergency road closure on Pett Level Road.

Southern Gas Networks have had to put a closure in place on Pett Level Road, near Cliff End Lane due to a gas escape.

The official diversion route will be extensive, via the A259 through Winchelsea, as Pett Road, which would be a shorter route, is not suitable for HGV’s or the steady volume of traffic regularly experienced on Pett Level Road. SGN will be posting signage at the junction with Pett Road advising as such.

SGN have assured our Network Team that they will do everything they can to mitigate the disruption, and that the road closure will only remain in place for as long as it is absolutely necessary. Please be aware however, that as this is a gas leak and certain monitoring has to be undertaken once a repair has been carried out, there will be occasions when no one is on site.

SGN can be contacted via the below details:

Tel: 08009121700


Kind Regards,

Sophie Walker

Customer Service Manager | East Sussex Highways

Website: www.eastsussexhighways.com

Pett Puzzles Page Updated

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ESFRS Autumn Newsletter

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Mystery Picture – October 2020


mystery picture beach artefact oct 2020

mystery picture beach artefact oct 2020