Fairlight Road, Battery Hill reopened

I am told that Fairlight Road/Battery Hill/Pett Level Road will fully re-open this weekend.
This will allow the Stagecoach 101 service to resume normal operation from Sunday 25 October and the Hams Travel shuttle service 901, between Rye and Fairlight, will be withdrawn after Saturday.
To make sure there is sufficient capacity available, on school days, a second vehicle will duplicate the main 101 journeys to/from Rye at times young people would be travelling to/from Rye College. This will be available to school pupils/students only. This additional provision will be kept under review. The journeys that will be duplicated are the 07:47 from Hastings Station to Rye Station (08:34) and the 15:30 from Rye Station. The afternoon duplicate journey will terminate at Hastings Station rather than continue to the Bohemia area and Silverhill as does the main Stagecoach bus.
As before, full details of service 101 can be found on the Stagecoach website at www.stagecoachbus.com/timetables.
The afternoon service 347 journey that runs on school day afternoons to Fairlight and Pett Level will also resume normal route and timetable from the start of school term 2 at the beginning of November.
Thanks to everyone, especially those on the diversion routes, for your patience while this necessary work was done.
Councillor Andrew Mier

M23 Roadworks Update

The latest update (24 October) on the M23 roadworks can be read here. M23 241020

Hastings and Rother Police Weekly Update

The weekly update (23 October 2020) from Hastings and Rother Police can be read here  Police 231020

Isaac and Orla raise money for paediatric wards at the Conquest

Our children, Isaac (9) and Orla (7) Collinson who attend Guestling Bradshaw School, raised £150 during lockdown for the paediatric wards at the Conquest Hospital.
They handmade Bookmarks, Get Well Soon Cards, Rainbows and Hearts and sold them, from a distance, to the local residence and passing dog walkers of Pett Village.
They manned their stalls on three different days during lock down, and as word spread, many donations and shoppers were welcomed!
Michael Collinson (father) works as a charge nurse on the Short Stay Paediatric Assessment Unit and Kipling Ward and was amazed at the money raised by the children.  Isaac and Orla asked to buy two tablets for the wards to be used as distraction and play therapy for when children were swabbed for Covid-19 and when having blood tests.
The ward gratefully received the donation of two tablets in September!!!
We have attached some photos below to show their progress.
Hannah and Michael Collinson
conquest 1

conquest 3



conquest 2

Knit for Peace – Another Example

Another example of Knit for Peace – this time it is Jennifer Grist who knitted the squares and crocheted them together – we are making several of these to send to Knit for Peace who distributes items like these to women’s refuges, refugee drop-in centres, prisons, community groups and hospices as well as developing countries and refugee camps.
Each item requires 112 squares of knitting so if anyone would like to help there is wool available – details also in the Pett and Pett Level News.
Heather Godwin

jenny coat 2

jenny coat 1

Pett Post Office: Closed this Thursday

Wendy Hatch

Pett Village Hall Management Committee Meeting: 26 October 2020

The Agenda for the next meeting of the Pett Village Hall Management Committee which will take place in the Catharine Hollman Room at the Village Hall at 7.00pm on Monday 26 October 2020 can be dowloaded here Agenda PVHMC 261020

The draft minutes of the meeting held on 7 September 2020 can be dowloaded here Minutes PVHMC 070920

You are welcome to attend the meeting on 26 October, subject to a limit on numbers because of the need to comply with social distancing rules. If you would like to attend, perhaps you could let Fran Pitts, the Secretary, know in advance at


Tim Rothwell – Chair, Pett Village Hall Management Committee



Anti-Slavery Pledge

Council and police leaders across Sussex are marking the occasion of Anti-Slavery Day on Sunday 18 October by signing up to a joint pledge to stop all forms of slavery, human trafficking and exploitation. Details can be read here Anti-slavery pledge

Hastings and Rother Police Update

The latest (17 October 2020) update from Hastings and Rother Police can be found here Police 171020

M23 Roadworks Update

The latest (17 October 2020) update on the M23 roadworks can be read here M23 171020