Pett Parish Council is a consultee on all planning applications for building work located within the parish whilst the District Council makes the decision to grant or refuse planning permission. Parish Councillors will take time to consider each application from the view point of the parish as a whole and will decide whether to make any comments at its ordinary public meetings held on the 3rd Tuesday of every other month at the village hall (or see the calendar for dates). When considering large, detailed or more complicated applications as well as applications that require consideration before the next full council meeting, the council may hold an additional meeting to consider the application alone. These will be well advertised.

Rother District Council Planning department is charged with providing a long term plan to provide new homes and commercial premises with the required infrastructure. The current plan is about to be updated and the proposed areas and numbers of commercial premises and residential homes is under review by the government’s Planning Inspector. click here for information on district wide policies.

At a more local level, members of the public are welcome to make comments on local applications during the public session or open forum section of the council meeting. Should you not be able to attend the meeting, then please contact one of the councillors to brief them of any comments.

Applicants are also welcome to attend council meetings and advise the council of any points they wish to highlight during the public session. Members of the council may take the opportunity to seek answers from the applicant.

Current applications being consider at the next meeting on Tuesday 19th May 2020 7.30pm virtual meeting(details from agenda) are as follows:

RR/2020/9/P: New Beach Club Pett Level.

Outline – Demolition of existing Beach Club and replace with a new 2 storey Beach Club and a new 3 storey residential dwelling.

2 RR/2020/200/P Fernleigh, Pett Road

Proposed extension of rear dormer window, single storey rear extension, demolition of existing garage and construction of a new single storey side extension, open porch to front elevation and extended revised patio area

RR/2020/438/P 3 New Coastguard Cottage, Toot Rock

Proposed improvements to existing loft accommodation including the addition of a front dormer and enlarged rear dormer with Juliette balcony

RR/2020/459/p High Elms Farm, Pett Road

Proposed single storey rear extension to form study and utility area along with internal alterations. Flue for wood burning stove. 2no. sun pipes and 1 no. Velux window. Proposed replacement roof tiles with slates to property. Proposed detached workshop

RR/2020/486/P The lookout Chick Hill

Demolition of existing bungalow dwelling, terrace, annex and garage and erection of replacement dwelling with lower ground floor garage, bin store and terrace landscaping

Planning officers will only consider comments based on genuine planning considerations i.e. they must be related to the development and use of land in the public interest –  see here for information on material considerations

Residents can be alerted to applications in the parish by signing up to the Rother Alerts (Sign up here ). My Alerts email also contains information specific to your property and surrounding area such as a reminder of your next bin collection and useful news and events in the Rother area.

Information on trees, hedges, how to make a complaint, whether you need planning permission, the planning portal and much more can be obtained from your local planning authority. ( Planning Information )