Rother Police Alert: 1 December 2020

Rother Police have launched their Christmas campaign to prevent drink and driving. Details can be read here Police Alert 011220


The Pett Village Hall Committee have received further advice this morning regarding the opening of Pett Village Hall as we move into tier 2 following lockdown. In the light of this we have urgently reconsidered our original decision to keep the hall closed and have decided that it can reopen for exercise etc classes from 2 December subject to strict conditions. It will be for each activity leader to decide whether or not to restart classes.
Here is the text of the email that Clare Walker has just sent out to hall users:
Dear Hall Users,
Following our last email, we are today in receipt of further information and guidance with relation to reopening Pett Village Hall.
Today’s guidance is a lot clearer and more positive and means that from tomorrow – Wednesday 2 December – we will be able to reopen the hall for classes providing the following guidelines are adhered to:
  • Indoor exercise classes and personal training can take place.
  • You must ensure that there is no more than a maximum of 15 participants in the hall at any one time.
  • You must ensure class participants are not gathering together in any group (unless they are in the same household or bubble).
  • Social distancing of at least 2 metres must be maintained at all times.
  • Participants should not mix before or after the class and must ensure all COVID guidelines are adhered to.
  • Face coverings should be worn, apart from when exercising.
If you are happy to accept these restrictions and wish to resume your classes could you please let me know ASAP. On behalf of the committee I will require written confirmation by email that you will strictly adhere to these guidelines and that you will accept full responsibility for the safety and health of those attending. The Committee as trustees can accept no liability for any adverse consequences of your activity restarting.
I will let you know immediately if there is any change in the rules governing the opening of the hall. If there are no such changes between now and then, the above will continue to apply from 5 January when the hall is due to reopen.
As already notified, the hall will be closed from Monday 21 December 2020 to Tuesday 5 January 2021 for building work.
Thank you again for your patience and understanding during these difficult times.
Kind regards


It is reported that Southern Water is working on a water leak on Pett Road near Hyde Park Corner. Just started working under traffic lights. They don’t know how long it will take nor if they will have to turn off any water as yet.

On Line Shopping Fraud

Surge in online shopping fraud

Reports of online shopping fraud have surged by 30% over the pandemic as many of us continue to shop online in light of current restrictions.

Figures from Action Fraud show that criminals conned 17,407 shoppers out of almost £13.5 million over the Christmas period last year, an increase of over 20% when compared to the same period in 2018.

Action Fraud is warning the public to take extra care when shopping online, ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as shoppers search for bargains and gifts for loved ones in the run up to Christmas.

Top tips to shop online securely this festive season:

Where to shop:
Making a purchase from an online store you haven’t used before? Carry out some research first, or ask a friend or family member if they’ve used the site and about their experiences before completing the purchase.

Your information:
Only create an account if necessary or to save you effort if you’re going to use that site a lot in the future. Be cautious if the website asks you for details that are not required for your purchase, such as your mother’s maiden name or the name of your primary school.

If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, ensure that the webpage where you enter your payment details is secure (website address starts with “https”). Using a credit card to pay online also means that should the worst happen and your payment details are compromised, your main bank account won’t be directly affected.

Some of the messages you receive about amazing offers may contain links to fake websites. Not all links are bad, but if you’re unsure, don’t use the link – go separately to the website. Report any suspicious emails you receive by forwarding them to: You can also report suspicious text messages by forwarding them to 7726.

Visit the Action Fraud website for more information about how to shop online securely.


Rother Leisure Services

Leisure is back again in Rother

Bexhill Leisure Centre, Rye Sports Centre and Bexhill Leisure Pool will be reopening on 2nd December. They will all continue to provide a Covid-safe place to give customers the reassurance they know they need.

There will be some changes to programmes and opening hours over the Christmas and New Year period and full details will be posted on social media and on so please follow your local centre on Facebook and check the website for updates.

Bexhill Leisure Centre –
Rye Sports Centre –
Bexhill Leisure Pool –


Rother Garden Waste Offer

Garden Waste Special Christmas Offer

Please help promote our garden waste offer – The service is only £20 if people sign up between now and the 31st December 2020, anyone signing up now will receive garden waste collections until the 14th July 2021!

Garden waste collections support recycling in Rother and help to reduce bonfires and trips to the tip. It would make a lovely gift for friends or family and they will even take away and recycle your real Christmas tree.

Please like and share the Facebook post.

For more information contact Anna Evett, Neighbourhood Services Team leader at

500 Club

500 advert dec 20

500 advert dec 20

Hastings and Rother Weekly Police Update

The latest weekly update from Hastings and Rother Police (27 November) can be read here Police 271120

New Covid rules – Guidance from East Sussex CC

Guidance from East Sussex County Council on the new Covid rules can be found here