Pett Village Hall – 2 new weekends available for hire

Following a decision by a hirer to cancel a series of weekend bookings, there are now two additional weekends where the main hall and the Catharine Hollman room are available for hire as follows:

Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September 2019

Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October 2019

These are available to book for the whole weekend or as separate days.

Please contact me if you would like to make a reservation.


Tim Rothwell

Pett Village Hall Bookings Manager

07850 469314

Inaugural Meeting of Archive Resource Centre (ARC)


Archive Resource Centre

Tuesday 30th April  (7:30pm)

Pett Village Hall

(A glass of wine will be served!)



  1. Update on Village Hall and phone line/broadband (Tim Rothwell)
  2. Update on specification/quotes (Fran Rogers)
  3. Update on software (Paul Draper)
  4. Fundraising (Paul and Fran)
  5. Constitution Ratified (David Breakell)
  6. Vote on Committee Members
  7. Vote on fees
  8. Logo (please bring any ideas along for consideration!)
  9. Date/Time for Next Meeting

We hope the meeting will be no longer than 45 minutes.

There will be questions and answers after each Agenda item.

Any questions regarding the meeting please email

Tel: 01424 812964

ARC Constitution can be read here

Specification for works can be read here

Link to ARC page on Pett on the Net here

Bogus Callers: Advice from Hastings Police

Please be aware of reports of bogus callers in the Bexhill area of Rother.
The caller has gained entry under the guise of a waterboard official.
The suspect who is described as a tanned male with a beard, 30-40 years, 5ft 10 wearing a black coat, dark scarf and hat is then distracting victims and stealing from them.
Please be on your guard should you get an unexpected call.

Here is some advice for you all to be aware of which may be of help.

Here are some examples of some excuses bogus callers use to gain entry.

‘I was passing and noticed your roof needs repairing’
‘I’m from the police, can I come in and talk to you?’
‘We have lost our dog, can we use your phone?’
‘I’m from the waterboard, there is a leak in your street’

What would you do if one of these people called on you at home?.
Doorstep criminals will use excuses to enter your home to steal, or charge inflated prices for “repairs”.

Distraction burglars working in pairs will use the back door whilst you are kept at the front door.

It’s ok to say NO and tell them to leave. Always keep the chain on if you need to open the door.
Never employ passing traders who cold call, and never feel pressured to say yes.

Bogus callers will often use a good fake ID. Genuine callers won’t mind if you take the time to establish their identity by calling their employer.
Ask them for a password if you have set one up.

Energy suppliers, waterboard or council needs to have access to your home.
Plain clothes police officer needs to talk to you about a crime.
Youths have lost a dog, ball, need to make a telephone call, or need a glass of water.
Builder says he was passing and noticed your roof or garden needs work.

If you feel threatened call 999
Report doorstep criminals by calling 101
Textphone 18001 101 or send a text 07786 208090

In doubt??? Keep them out

Fairlight History Group – Wednesday 17 April

Pett WI Big Village Lunch – Sunday 2 June

Pett WI – April 2019 Update

The Pett WI April 2019 Update can be read here

Driveway Repair Scam

Details of a driveway repair scam which is currently being seen in East Sussex can be read here

M23 Roadworks and Brighton Main Line Improvement – Update 12 April

A New Way to Report Crime Online