Welcome to the Pett Community Library.

This has now been going for 15 months and takes place alongside the Village Hall Coffee Morning, on the first Wednesday of every month, from 10 -12.
There are about 200 books available to borrow. These are sourced from the East Sussex Library Community Collection and we change about 50 of our books on a regular basis. We have a wide selection covering all genres of fiction and non-fiction and always have large print and children’s books available.
The best bit is, it is free to use and you don’t have to belong to anything! not even the regular library. We do have to take your details so that in the event of a book not being returned, we can find out where it is and to this end we ask you to sign the usual Data Protection form – and we protect your data most carefully. We do ask that you return any book you have borrowed in a reasonable time, but if you haven’t finished it within a month (it might have knitting patterns or recipes!) we are unlikely to be chasing you up for it.
We are unable to order any specific books, but we do make a note of any particular genre that interests you and try to meet your needs in this way. As a consequence, we really appreciate feedback from readers and are very pleased to have recommendations about a book you have particularly enjoyed and are more than happy to chat with you about your choices and interests. One of the books recommended recently was The Betrayals by Fiona Neill.
It is a super, sociable couple of hours each month in the Village Hall, with free parking, tea, coffee and cake available to buy, books to browse and borrow and Badminton going on, too. We’d love to see you there.
Anne, Anna and Vivien

Community Library Notes – November 2020

Thank you to everyone who turned up for the library and coffee morning the day before new lockdown. It does encourage us, especially when we see some new faces. We were lucky once more to have a fine, dry day so that we could again set up the books and jigsaw library outside, as well as Knitting for Peace and the 500 Draw.
Anne had arranged for a small selection of new books, which were very popular. We shall keep them separate for the time being to make it easier for our regulars to identify them.

Very sadly, because of the current weather conditions and COVID restrictions at Pett Village Hall, the Community Library and Coffee Morning schedule for 9 December will not take place.

Anna and Vivien

Community Library Notes – August 2020

We were very pleased to be able to reopen the Community Library in August, especially since it was a glorious day and we could set up outside. This made it much easier for us and everyone else to comply with the current health regulations. It all seemed to run very smoothly, books were returned and borrowed and many friends and acquaintances met for the first time in months, happily chatting at a distance in the sunshine.
The 500 Draw was also drawn, as evidenced by the picture herewith.
As yet, we are still unable to hold the coffee morning or meet up for crochet corner, but we have started a jigsaw lending library. Jane Sweaney has undertaken the, to me, daunting task of curating the jigsaws and will catalogue them and so produce a list available in the Village Magazine and online. She is hopeful that by presenting a jigsaw list from which to choose, many more people will be able to enjoy this activity. If you know of anyone who is unable to come to the coffee morning / library but might like to borrow a jigsaw, please contact Jane, who will be writing elsewhere in this magazine. An exciting new venture for us all.
We would like to thank Ann for looking after the books at home for the duration, rather than in the village hall.  This saves us a lot of work and extra cleaning.
We hope to be able to have next month’s library outside, too. It will be from 10 – 12 on Wednesday 2nd September and we look forward to seeing you.
Anna and Vivien