A Community Jigsaw Library for Pett and Pett Level

PETT PUZZLES – A Community Jigsaw Library

I have amassed a large collection of quality puzzles which have been donated to me for this puzzle library. Thank you so much to all those people who have donated. The idea is that anyone in our village can borrow these puzzles free of charge. If you have a puzzle to donate, please contact me or leave it on the marked shelf in the puzzle library at the Village Hall (see below).

When the puzzles are first introduced to the library, they are checked to ensure there are no missing pieces and the puzzle is in robust condition. Rejected puzzles are passed on to St Michael’s Hospice for sale in their shops and online.  Library puzzles are then put in ziploc bags to ensure pieces do not get lost in transit. Puzzles are then given a sticker with an individual number and catalogued according to size and, in the case of 1000 piece puzzles, by category. An electronic version of catalogue is available online on the Pett on the Net website.

Puzzles are then stored on shelves in the gallery at the village hall. Access to the gallery is via the staircase at the car park end of the main hall. Please ensure you do not disturb users of the main hall when accessing the gallery. There is a printed catalogue available to browse in the gallery to select the puzzle you want without going through the shelves. The puzzles are arranged in size, category, and number order. It would be much appreciated if this order could be maintained. There is also a book in which to record your name, the number of the puzzle you are borrowing and the date. Please take no more than two at a time to ensure the puzzles are available to others. When you return the puzzle, please enter the return date in the book.

Please ensure that puzzles are returned promptly when you are finished with them and that the boxes and contents are treated with care. Please do not stick anything on the boxes, either notes or tape on the side. Also please do not write on the box. This will help to preserve the puzzle for as long as possible while being used by multiple people.

I will generally be at the hall on the first Wednesday of the month between 10 a.m. and 11.30 a.m. to coincide with the coffee morning. However, please contact me on my mobile if you need any help with choosing or accessing the puzzles at other times. If you would like a printed catalogue this can also be arranged on request.

Catalogue of 1000 Piece Puzzles – click here

Catalogue of Other Puzzle sizes – click here


Jane Sweaney

07788 410342

ay 2023