A Community Jigsaw Library for Pett and Pett Level

I am doing this for my own benefit as much as anything! I love doing jigsaw puzzles and I now have a large collection of lovely puzzles which are going to keep me busy for some time. Thank you so much to all those people who have donated. I want everyone in our village to have the opportunity to do these puzzles and hope they get as much pleasure from them as I do.

The loan of a jigsaw is free of charge. All I ask is that they are returned promptly when you have finished with them and that the boxes and contents are treated with care.

It is inevitable that with the best will in the world pieces will get lost. When I know pieces are missing, I will include a note to that effect in the box and if possible, the exact location of the missing piece. If you find on completion of a puzzle that there is a piece missing, please put a note in the box stating the grid reference of the missing piece i.e. how many pieces from the left edge and how many pieces from the bottom edge. Please do not mark it on the box.

All puzzles pieces are contained in Ziploc bags to ensure pieces do not get lost in transit. Please do not stick anything on the boxes either notes or tape on the side. Also please do not write on the box. This will help to preserve the puzzle for as long as possible while being used by multiple people.

Every puzzle will be quarantined on its return to me for at least a week.

Puzzles may be collected from or returned to the village hall on the first Wednesday of the month between 10 a.m. and 12 noon. Alternatively, if you give me a call or text I can deliver puzzles to your house.

The current library of puzzles (27 October 2020) to choose from can be seen here Jigsaw 271020

Please note: This is quite a a big file and may take a little while to download.

Jane Sweaney 07788 410342