We are so sad not to be seeing you all  once a month on a Wednesdays in Pett Village Hall for the coffee morning. So we have decided to have a virtual coffee morning!
Please send a photo of yourselves having coffee at home and include if possible any crafts you have been making, what books you are reading, what baking you have done or even take the photo in your garden so we can see your beautiful plants.  All photos will be displayed here on Pett on the Net so we can see what each other has been up to. 
Best Wishes 
Anne, Tim and Fran


Coffee outside today! Reading The Tourist, baking chocolate flapjacks, making mandala cushion (plus a scarf or two which will be available in return for a donation to village fall funds at next IRL coffee morning). I hope everyone else is enjoying the pleasant weather today and look forward to seeing you soon.
Vivien 📚 📚
Oh, and not quite finished garden furniture refurbishment project 😉

The book pile is much diminished and spring is progressing well in the garden!
Martin and Anna



Phil and Eve enjoying a cup of tea and sausage rolls
Keep Safe
Hi everyone. Hope you had a good virtual coffee morning. Such a lovely day for us all. I am busy making laundry bags for a team of nurses at the Conquest and facemasks. There might be some more teddies coming up soon. Perhaps I can get that £75 to £100.
Love from Jen


Here is my contribution for the virtual coffee morning.
Best wishes to everyone and good reading, crafting and gardening. Hoping to see you all when it is safe to do so.
Jen (Grist)


Hi Will & Rachael here. We came to the coffee morning in the summer when we were expecting our first child, and now we would like to introduce Theo James Jury our gorgeous son. Sending lots of love to you all from NSW Australia xx
Here is a photo from Lynda Watson. She sends everyone her best wishes and hopes to see you all soon. Jen.

Missing you all at coffee morning. I’m not sure how to get me in the pic, but this should suffice. 

Stay safe everyone. Xx Barb
Eve and Phil
This morning I had made a victoria sponge which we will probably enjoy for 11.00s hopefully on the new garden bench.
Phil has been busy making raised beds and last Tuesday we had a delivery of 4 tonne of top soil which we had to move manually – so quite a bit of exercise involved for about 4 hours – not including tea breaks on the bench!.
On Wednesday Phil moved 2 tonne of sub base and 1 tonne of self binding “gravel” to build a hard standing.  He did this on his own as I was still nursing aching muscles from the day before but I was on hand to supervise.
We has previously taken down a laurel tree which has been taking up the whole area and now we can set to and move the greenhouse to its new position.
My motto is  “1 job leads on to 6 more” – So
Emptying the greenhouse
Taking out all the glass
Cleaning it down
Dismantling the structure
Moving and re-erecting
Replacing any panes of glass that have broken
Moving everything back in to its new home.
and that makes 7  – time for a new motto.
Hope you enjoy the pictures
Hard standing for when we move the greenhouse
Retirement bench from Pett Village
View from top of the steps
The cat got to the chair before I did, but he is not impressed with Hastings Library’s finest!
Baking flapjacks, making Knit for Peace bed runner, reading The Garden of Lost and Found, drinking coffee, missing everyone. 
My neighbour and, possibly, Pett’s oldest villager, Chris Harris enjoying a self-distancing coffee today. We meet every morning at about 11, Chris in her conservatory and me outside – weather permitting. We’re both self-isolating for health reasons so it’s good to chat. Chris would be happy to see anyone passing by on their daily walk.
Heather Godwin
Sara and I have been making the most of the fine weather to try and get the garden in shape. We have put in a new seating area behind our chicken shed where it is out of the East wind!
We have a coffee time FaceTime with friends every Wednesday and a Saturday Gin O’Clock with others.
I have also completed 2 challenges given to me by Pauline Barker – a crochet Penguin and mastery of the mysterious Brioche knitting. Sadly I’m not able to show her…..yet