Pett Flower Show and Fayre – April Update -revised copy

PPN April 23 2

PPN April 23 2

Community Transport Minibus Driver

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DDRT Drivers

DDRT Drivers


Hastings Half Marathon 26th March

There will be some road closures on the 26th March that may impact the residents of the parish.

The Hastings Half Marathon is returning on the 26th March 2023 and will involve some road closures. The start time of the race is 10:30am.

It is advisable that you avoid travelling into Hastings while the race is taking place unless you are participating, supporting or it is for essential travel. Expect delays between 10:00 and 13:00.

Details of the road closures:
10:15: Bexhill Road and Harley Shute Road are closed until the last runner passes Wishing Tree roundabout
10:30: No access to Queensway until approx 12:30
10:50: No access along the distance of The Ridge and through Ore Village until approx 13:00
11:00- 13:30 No access to Old London Road

There is no access into Hastings via Rye Road between 10:50 and approx 13:00. You will be redirected via Westfield.

There is access to Hastings Via A21 Sedlescombe road and the B2159, Battle Road.

Email us at if you have any specific questions.

Archive Resource Centre Update and Save the Date


We launched our NEW website:   We had a small event at the beginning of December and thank you to those that came (we appreciate that December is always a busy month).  Please check out the website as we would like your thoughts, not to mention your contributions.  Save it to your “favourites” so you can just dip in and out to see any new entries.


Archive Resource Centre for Fairlight, Guestling and Pett


We are planning an event, which is free to our Friends (you), and we hope you can make it.  It is at the Pett Methodist Church (parking at the Pett Village Hall) on Saturday, 22nd April from 4pm to 6pm, including refreshments and any cakes we can round up.  Our resident historian, Haydon Luke, will be giving a new talk “Bound for Botany Bay”.  He has found information about some of our local past residents who made this terrifying journey to Australia in the 19th century.


If you also look on our website, you will see a sample most recent acquisition of nine old Barden & Sons ledgers.  As they were local builders many of your houses were, if not built by them, will have had work done by them.  You can look through and see if you can find your address is in there (mine is).  These date back to the late 1800s up until the mid 1900s.  Thanks go to Gerald Dymott for allowing us to look after them.  Not only will we have these on display but other items we have recently received.  And do bring along items that may be of interest to us if you have been doing spring cleaning and made it up to the attic!  We are happy to scan and return if you wish to keep originals.


Two or three of our committee feel reasonably confident in our ability to do this.  We are slowly adding items to the catalogue each week, but to speed up the process we need a small group of volunteers. Training will be given.  Once trained, this can be done at home with your own computer.  We are not expecting hours of work,  but even if we get a few new entries up a week, we will be heading in the right directions.  With this in mind we will hold a demonstration/training session on Thursday afternoon, between 1-5pm on April 27th.  Do come along and we’ll show you what is involved.  We will give you all the help we can in person or by phone.  You will find this interesting particularly if you are adding entries about the area where you live.  And the great thing is, you can fit it in around other activities.


Our printer/scanners are now working and linked to our two laptops and larger monitors (thanks to Jenny Obee and her husband), which now have separate keyboards and mice, which makes them much easier to use.  As we get a few more volunteers we will be able to open up our room every Thursday afternoon for people to visit.  We plan to get a sign to put outside to let people know we are open as they pass by.


To move forward effectively, we do need more volunteers for other roles, from simply scanning local papers to scan or cut out items of interest on our area, to monitoring a Facebook page so people from all over the county/world can upload their pictures of our area.  We also need a person to look after our PR so we are kept front and centre in the public eye; or help with any events and fundraising we do during the year.  IF you can lend a few hours to help us, please contact us.


We realise that donating even spare change these days is difficult; we are all feeling the pinch as we get our energy bill or go food shopping.  However, we cannot function without financial help.  Whilst we have raised well over £10,000 to date from grants and your membership this has gone toward furniture, the website, setting up costs and one year of annual costs.   We still have ongoing annual costs amounting to £1,500 to keep our room up and running.  We are not trying to compete with other local history groups; our Mission is to Store, Preserve and Share our local heritage, and as such we have limited opportunities to hold events to raise money; our valuable time is used to acquire, catalogue and maintain a growing website of materal.   So, Membership is truly altruistic on your part.  What you receive back will be one or two events a year and total access to our resources, but you will also be helping preserve the past for the future.

Your membership for 2022/23 will come to an end on 30th April, but we hope you will re-join.  We realise £15 a person is a lot, but it is just over £1 a month, and 100 members would cover our annual costs.  The ARC needs you.  Please help and encourage us in what we are trying to achieve.


We have a new email address: please add this to your contacts so we are easy to reach.   Whilst the ARC room has a phone number, we have yet to buy an answering machine, so for the time being you can reach members of the Committee by phone.  Four of our six Committee members that can help you are:

Fran Rogers: 01424 82964 or 07930 905890 (volunteering)

David Breakell: 01424 812964 or 07971 142160 (finances)

John Case: 01424 812224 or 07525 032198 (cataloguing)

Haydon Luke: 01424 814748 (research)


With all best wishes, and hoping to see you on the 22nd April…

Fran Rogers (Chair)

March Coffee Morning and Community Library Notes

Coffee Morning and Community Library Notes

March Coffee Morning on the 1st got the month off to a good start along with the Jigsaw Library, 500 Draw, Community Library and Hearing Aid support, not to mention Badminton taking place, too. Everyone was busy and Robert, maintaining hearing aids and replacing their batteries was the busiest he has been since he added our Pett Coffee Morning to his itinerary. We are all here for you – do come along.

For something completely different and fresh, Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus is our chosen Book of the Month. Elizabeth Zott is a marvellously uncompromising heroine. The anthropomorphisation of her dog is just right and very funny. The characters are well-drawn. The storylines are strong throughout. Simply, a great read.

Next Coffee Morning and Library coincides with the beginning of the Tax Year – Wednesday 5th April. As usual, it runs from 10.00 to 12.00

The Coffee Morning Team

Spring Fair 1st April 10am to 3pm Pett Village Hall

Spring Fair 1st April 2023 10am to 3pm Pett Village Hall

Pett Village Hall 500 Club March Winners

Pettt Village Hall 500 Club Winners March 2023