We Did Meet Again!

Logo design of various green leavesSaturday 31st July 2021

When the Committee started planning for this year’s show and picked the theme of “We’ll Meet Again”, little did we know how close to the finish of lockdown it would be to achieve.

Pett is a very friendly village so folk came out to enjoy the Show being held at Pett Village Hall for the first time, some catching up with old friends after many months.

Taking the decision to locate the Show at Pett Village Hall had many benefits with all the facilities to hand. Considering the gales on Friday 30th July the vision of raising a Marquee on the Recreation Ground does not bear thinking about.

What did everyone think of the Show? The Committee have received many congratulations for putting on a great Village event and felt that the location of the Village Hall was brilliant. There was a super atmosphere, it was easy to get round all the exhibits and the stalls – and we had sunny weather!

There are some excellent photos on the Flower Show page of Pettnet and the Pett Village websites.

There are many people to thank for making the day a success: the volunteers manning the stalls and refreshments (superbly run by the WI);. our carpark attendant; the donors of cakes and  tombola and raffle prizes; our sponsors; the great after-show clear-up team; the judges and stewards .We hope everyone has received a personal thanks. Please forgive us if you were forgotten.

Finally, I give my thanks to the members of the committee who work so hard throughout the year to bring the whole day together. You are a great team.

We welcome suggestions for a theme for 2022.

Philippa M Strickland

Chairman P&DHS