Lewes Speakers Festival 2019

Bishop Richard Harries (former Bishop of Oxford) is coming to Lewes in July.  Specifically he is going to talk about the struggles and joy many of the great writers had as a result of their faith.

In a wider context tickets are now on sale for our Summer Lewes Speakers Festival 2019. It takes place on the 12th, 13th and 14th July. We have another great line-up and we hope to see you then. Please go to www.lewesspeakersfestival.com for full details or call the Box Office on: 0333 666 3366.

The full line-up with dates and times is below. 

Marc Rattray


Lewes Speakers Festival 2019

Friday 12th July 17.00 Helen Pankhurst, great granddaughter of Sylvia, charts the story of the fight for women’s rights.

Friday 12th July 18.45 Julian Baggini, the popular philosopher, gives an overview of world thinking and an explanation of why Western thought is more individualistic than its Eastern  counterpart.

Friday 12th July 20.15 Andy Smart, one of the UK’s best improvisation comedians and Comedy Store and Edinburgh Fringe veteran, recounts his early life experiences on a 6 year road trip in a series of hilarious anecdotes.

Saturday 13th July 11.15 Richard Harries, former Bishop of Oxford for 19 years, describes the struggles and joy many of the great writers had as a result of their faith.

Saturday 13th July 13.00 Linda Yueh, Oxford academic and former BBC Chief Business Correspondent, explains how the great economists can help us today.

Saturday 13th July 15.00 Guy Leschziner, leader of the Sleep Disorder Centre at St Guys Hospital and BBC 4 presenter on mysteries of sleep, explains the science behind nightmares and sleep walking.

Saturday 13th July 16.45 Jonathan Fenby, former Editor of the Observer, explains how 1947-8 were the pivotal years that shaped the world we know today.

Saturday 13th July 18.30 David Wilson, Professor of Criminology at Birmingham City University and former Prison Governor to the most violent men in the UK, gives an insight into their lives and mindset.

Saturday 13th July 20.00 Andrew Monaghan, Director of Research on Russia and Security at Oxford University, explains how to deal with the challenges that Russia poses to the West.

Sunday 14th July 0945 Robin Aitken, a former BBC reporter and journalist, accuses the BBC of having a liberal agenda bias and of being far from neutral.

Sunday 14th July 11.15 Rosa Prince, the Daily Telegraph journalist, compares and contrasts the backgrounds and lives of Prime Minister Teresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

Sunday 14th July 13.00 Martin Kemp, a world authority on Leonardo Da Vinci, explains him through 100 milestones in his life work.

Sunday 14th July 14.45 Paul Dolan, Professor of Behavioural Science at LSE and expert on happiness, gives an account of how to live the best life and to avoid the myth of perfection.

Sunday 14th July 16.30 Peter Owen Jones, BBC documentary maker and celebrity Vicar of Firle, takes us on a hill-walking guide with the cumulative ascent of the height of Mr Everest.

Sunday 14th July 18.00 Ayesha Hazarika, stand-up comedian and former special adviser to Gordon Brown, Harriet Harman and Ed Miliband and  Tom Hamilton, former Head of Research for the Labour Party, give an insight into the bear-pit of British politics – Prime Minister’s Question Time.