Poppies – congratulations

Pett on the Net has received the following message from Louise Martin.

I just wanted to congratulate and sincerely thank all the ladies who tirelessly knitted, tied and arranged the beautiful array of  poppies outside Pett church and St Nicholas at Pett Level.  I had the privilege of seeing them at work on Tuesdays, while I was volunteering, at POPPS but I could not have imagined just how magnificent it was all going to look.  Well done ladies.

Sarah Adams has added 

Congratulations to ‘Team Yarn Bombing’, in which I include everyone who contributed, WI or otherwise.
It truly is a spectacular display on all 3 churches.
I have sent photos to Canada, which are already in Sydney!
This, in addition to ‘Project Remember’ which also contained community teamwork, dedication and commitment.
Well done to all and thank you.

Louise and Sarah’s comments will be echoed by many in the village.