Pett Methodist Church

Life is all very strange and different for all of us at present. Everything has been cancelled and all plans for events and holidays have been cancelled, including Pett chapel! Nobody knows when anything will get back to normal and whether that normal will be the same!

We are not able to meet of course but fortunately the Hastings, Bexhill & Rye Methodist Church Circuit (area) has managed to put a Sunday service together each week for us to listen to. If you would like to find it go to the Circuit website here

I am very sad that our big concert with Jonathan Veira has had to be postponed as well. But it is postponed not cancelled. He will be with us on Saturday February 13th 2021. In the meantime it is possible to find him on You tube, which is worth doing. He has just had a new CD released.

The work on the original chapel has had to stop as well, but the work should make big improvements when finished.

If at any time you would like us to help you with anything, including prayer please contact us on This is Ken Hatch’s email, our senior steward.

God bless you all and keep safe!

Keep smiling!

Wendy Hatch.