Fairlight Road, Battery Hill reopened

I am told that Fairlight Road/Battery Hill/Pett Level Road will fully re-open this weekend.
This will allow the Stagecoach 101 service to resume normal operation from Sunday 25 October and the Hams Travel shuttle service 901, between Rye and Fairlight, will be withdrawn after Saturday.
To make sure there is sufficient capacity available, on school days, a second vehicle will duplicate the main 101 journeys to/from Rye at times young people would be travelling to/from Rye College. This will be available to school pupils/students only. This additional provision will be kept under review. The journeys that will be duplicated are the 07:47 from Hastings Station to Rye Station (08:34) and the 15:30 from Rye Station. The afternoon duplicate journey will terminate at Hastings Station rather than continue to the Bohemia area and Silverhill as does the main Stagecoach bus.
As before, full details of service 101 can be found on the Stagecoach website at www.stagecoachbus.com/timetables.
The afternoon service 347 journey that runs on school day afternoons to Fairlight and Pett Level will also resume normal route and timetable from the start of school term 2 at the beginning of November.
Thanks to everyone, especially those on the diversion routes, for your patience while this necessary work was done.
Councillor Andrew Mier