Doorstep Calling: Warning

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06th October 2019
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Rother Neighbourhood Watch

Good evening to you all, please see email sent to me today regarding a Cold caller. Be aware.
…………………………………………………………………..Hi Ted,Today around 1pm we had one of what seems to be regular doorstep callers telling his story of his life’s misfortunes (this one was all about becoming homeless since leaving the Army 12 months ago, and his wife and children leaving him, etc); and trying to sell the usual range of small household items at excessive prices.  He said his name was Daniel, from Middlesbrough, and when I made it clear (pointing to our ‘No Cold Callers’ sticker) that I was not going to buy anything from him, he became rather more abusive.

Callers like this are not uncommon round here (Cooden Sea Road) and the pattern is the same.  The story may be different, but the products are not.  Last month one of the charities that I volunteer with had a talk on ‘scams’ from the Community Liaison Officer from one of the high street banks, and she mentioned this type of activity, which she said in certain circumstances was a form of Modern Slavery, with these callers working the rounds having been set up by a gangmaster, for whom they worked and who took much of the proceeds.  She said that each time we received such a call, we should inform the police, who could, resources permitting, take action to try to intercept the callers, and gain access to the gangmasters.

In this case today, I reported the matter to the police (using 101), and they took note, telling me that the delay of 2 hours in reporting meant that they would be unlikely to be able to take any further action; and that in future any similar incident should be reported immediately so that action could be taken.

I am sure that this is something you will have heard about many times, but what worries me is that older people could feel very threatened by such behaviour from people who pay no attention to notices about ‘no cold calling’.

Edward Kemp.
Chairman & Police Volunteer.
Rother Neighbourhood Watch.
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