Community Library Notes

Our reader recommendation this month is Wild Designs by Katie Fforde, a very popular author, who researched this book by getting a pass to go behind the scenes to help at the building of a Chelsea Flower Show garden  Much of that, of course, is on TV now, but was not so well known when the book was published in 1996.

The Coffee Morning and Community Library were a buzz of activity in January. Many of us had great fun learning how to recycle our Christmas cards into small boxes, decorative bowls, tree decorations, parcel toppers and even a miniature theatre.

We are next open on Wednesday 5th February and once again we will have a craft activity which will be Valentine themed.

Do come and join the fun. We sign up new borrowers every month and you are most welcome. In February there will be a few new books amongst our selection, including all the children’s/youngsters’ books, which will have been changed.

Another really good reason to come along is that there will now be a Parish Council presence each month at the Coffee Morning and Library, so there will be someone for you to talk to about any questions you might have and perhaps do not wish to raise at a Parish Council meeting.

See you there, back to our usual day of the first Wednesday of the month, 10 – 12 Wednesday 5th February.

Anna, Vivien