Beware: attempted dog thefts

It has been reported that a white transit type van was seen in Rosemary Lane, Pett on Monday 13/01/2020. This follows an alert on the Hastings Dog Lovers Facebook page about attempts to dog steal.
The Hastings DogsLovers Group says that there are lots of local reports of a White Vauxhall Vivaro van (like a transit) cruising around various local dog walking areas attempting to steal dogs.This vehicle has been seen in Bexhill, Powdermill Lane Battle, and Watermill Lane Pett. If you see it parked up anywhere please contact the police on 101. It is thought that the plates may be cloned or false – the police are aware.

The message is:
Be vigilant and keep your dogs safe.
Try and walk with friends in remote locations.
Be aware of other vehicles in car parks
Keep your dogs within eyesight at all times
Be wary of strangers approaching and talking to you and your dog.
Never leave your dog unattended outside shops etc even for 5 minutes – it takes seconds for someone to steal your dog.