WI August Update – next meeting Wednesday 21st September

Pett WI News from Belinda Wood, President

During the very warm week of July members held a slightly different monthly meeting with many of them participating in part of the Jubilee walk ending back at Pett Village Hall where they met up with the rest of the membership for a great social. Thank you to Tracy Horner for helping organise the walk and to Sally Watson and the rest of the committee for helping with the fabulous treats back at the Hall including bubbles, cherry vodka and fresh cherry sauce and ice cream!  The walk proved so popular that a new Pett WI Walking Group has been set-up!

Pett WI News for September photo 1 walking the Jubilee Way

Pett WI News August Update walking the Jubilee Way

I was unable to attend this year’s Pett Flower Show but I know what a great success it was.  And we have huge thanks to pay from all those members from Pett WI who helped stock and run the refreshments, especially to Jane Murray who helped coordinate this.

Pett WI news for September 2022 photo 2 tea and cake at the flower show

Pett WI news for September 2022  – refreshments for the flower show

A reminder to members our September meeting will be held on Wednesday 21st at 7.30pm when we will be hearing from Emma Batten a writer of local historical fiction from Dymchurch.