Ian The Smiling Postie

In April, unexpectedly, Pett Road residents received the sad news that Ian, our lovely smiling Postie, was to take early retirement because


of his dodgy knees. No one was more surprised than Ian himself, who was given one day’s notice that he could depart a Postie’s life.

Consequently, Ian had no time to say goodbye to all his grateful customers. So, collection boxes were hastily made, placed into the Butcher’s Shop (thank you, Sarah), passed around at the Coffee Morning in April and then put into TicToc (thank you, Ali).

Ian was then invited to the May Coffee Morning, with his wife, Emily, where he was presented with cards, including a picture of the Pett Road postbox (taken by talented local photographer Yolanda Wiggins), bubbly and, appropriately, Post Office Gift Vouchers which he could spend wherever he chose. Emily was given a bunch of flowers.

Later in the day I received a lovely message from Ian. ‘Look, the postbox picture is hanging in my hall already. Thank you so much, Heather (and Philippa) for organising such a wonderful day and for all the generous gifts and cards. Something I will remember for the rest of my life and the people of Pett will always be in my heart. God(win) bless.’

 There were several tributes to Ian on the Pett & Pett Level Community Facebook page. This one, from John Case, sums up how we felt about our smiling Postie: ‘Ian was such a wonderful postman – so conscientious and dedicated, and he always greeted you with a lovely cheerful smile. Nothing was too much trouble. He is missed already and will be very hard to replace. Sending Ian best wishes for a very happy and well-earned retirement.’

Heather Godwin