Pett Puzzles (Jigsaw Library)

I have been planning to set up a village jigsaw library for quite some time and, with the advent of lockdown, I have finally managed to clear enough space in the attic to hold a good collection. I love doing jigsaws myself and have always made a point of raiding the jigsaw stall at the Flower Show to add to my collection.

I am still in the process of cataloguing the puzzles which have been donated so far, but there must be at least 50 of them. They range from 300 pieces to 1500 pieces at the moment with most being 1000 pieces. However, I have quite a good range of 500-piece puzzles with Extra Large pieces which make up to the size of a normal 1000-piece puzzle. Most of these have been donated by my 88-year-old father-in-law and are perfect for those with poor eyesight or limited manual dexterity.

I am planning to create a paper catalogue which can be delivered to anyone who would like one. I am hoping I might also be able to produce an online version as well. I am going to bring a selection of puzzles to the community library/village coffee morning each month. Jigsaws may be collected or returned at the community library/coffee morning or else I can deliver and collect anywhere in the village. All jigsaws will be quarantined for a week between loans and boxes treated with anti-bacterial spray. I am not charging anything for the loan of a jigsaws.

The Jigsaw Library is basically for people like me who love doing jigsaws and I would dearly like to reach people who maybe can’t get out much and don’t have access to internet (Facebook, Pett on the Net etc.) So, if you know anyone, be it friend, relative or neighbour who you think might be interested, please pass on these details to them.

I am Jane Sweaney, I live at Oakhurst and my phone number is 07788 410342. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining this scheme or else pop along to the next community library/coffee morning at Pett Village Hall on Wednesday 2nd September.