Letter from Councillor Andrew Mier

Dear Resident,

It’s not business as usual at Rother District Council due to the coronavirus. 

Everything is being done to maintain essential services, but expect delay with routine matters. Staff are working from home and juggling child care and self-isolation. There is a chance that the brown bin (garden waste) service will be suspended to give priority to black bin household waste. I suggest that missed bins are reported online in the usual way, but we may have to be patient.

The car parks at Camber are closed to stop people congregating. Public lavatories, tennis courts and play areas are closed.

The Town Hall is all but closed. Some face to face work continues relating to homelessness and benefits – but only where personal contact cannot be avoided.

Council and committee meetings are cancelled, with powers delegated.

Meanwhile your District Councillors, Roger Bird and myself, your County Councillor, Carl Maynard and of course the Parish Councillors are available – by phone, email messenger etc – to help if we can. Our contact details are on the District, County and Parish websites.

My email is  tel 01424-814178.

From my own observations everyone is doing a great job observing the restrictions. Thanks for your cooperation.

Best wishes.

Cllr Andrew Mier

Southern Rother Ward, Rother District Council