Marguerite MacLean: Keyboard Player and Vocalist

Marguerite MacLean


GRAND FINALIST of HARD ROCK CAFE’S WORLDWIDE MUSIC COMPETITION with excellent reviews. From Irish Descent Marguerite as a British National, born in Africa has brought her Global experience in Music and Education.
Allow her creative Musical Expression to uplift your mood! As a mother of three grown-ups and four grandchildren with an amazing life story sprinkled with adventures, these songs capture some precious moments. Plenty of performance experience.
‘Marguerite’s many life experiences has given the life and depth to her 50 original compositions registered with COMPASS (Composers and Authors Society of Singapore. As a gifted Educator, Musician and Therapist, Marguerite MacLean has a passion for Climate Change Awareness and Peace and Harmony in the world today. Allow her soothing voice and lyrics to relax and bring unique harmony to your day or night.  Thoughtfully composed to help you unwind from hectic lifestyles and lift your spirits. “Marguerite has a wide and varied repertoire suitable for all occasions. Sensitively played and beautifully sung with a number of recordings to her name.” K. Robson. B.Mus (Hons) Dip A.B.R.S.M.’