URGENT HELP NEEDED WITH DISSERTATION: Coastal Erosion and Sea Level Rise – Fairlight and Pett Level


My name is Lizzie and I am a geography student at the University of Exeter.

I am doing my dissertation on how is place attachment affected by coastal erosion and sea level rise, using Pett Level and Fairlight as case studies.

I am looking to recruit participants for my study and would be very grateful if you could help me out! If you are interested please email me in the first instance  or complete the forms below (participant information sheet and consent form – these are essential part of complying with my university’s strict code of conduct!)

I will be doing semi-structured interviews (where I ask or make a brief statement and ask you to respond to it – you lead the interview, talking about what is relevant to you rather than me, I will just use prompts) and focus groups (where I get a group of residents – whether that is 2 or more – and give you a topic to talk about) – you have the choice whether you want to do just one or both, there is no pressure!

Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions either message me on Facebook Lizzie Coppen or email me

Once you have completed the forms please email me a copy of the completed forms to me at or message me and I will arrange collection. Once you have done this, I will then arrange a time and a place that suits you to complete the research – taking maximum 20 minutes.

Coastal erosion and sea level rise potentially affects all residents and businesses in the area. So this is for all interested people/parties (residents, business owners and anyone who has a close link/connection to Fairlight/Pett/Pett Level). You do not need to know anything about the topic – I will explain everything before the research. No personal details will be shared and confidentiality will be maintained throughout (identification is not necessary for my research) only for the purpose of me contacting you.

I am very grateful for your time.


Lizzie CONSENT Revised FORM

Lizzie Coppen