Sharing Information on Incidents in Pett and Pett Level

In the last few months there has been a noticeable and regrettable increase in crime-related incidents in Pett and Pett Level. These include thefts of motor vehicles, tools and ornaments etc stolen from gardens, break-ins, sheep killed by dogs, unwanted cold-callers, and suspicious individuals being seen.

This development has led to calls from some in the community for the establishment of a Neighbourhood Watch. The issue was discussed at the meeting of the Pett Parish Council at its meeting on 21 May. Whilst sharing the concerns of those who would like to see a Neighbourhood Watch in Pett and Pett Level, the Council recognised that this would take a considerable amount of organisation and would need enthusiastic individuals to lead it.

The Council noted that the Parish Council’s Pett Facebook page (which now has over 150 members, a number that grows on a weekly basis) and the Pett on the Net website already carry details about some of these incidents. The Facebook page and website are a quick and an effective way of alerting the community to problems. The Council thought it would be useful to encourage the use of the Facebook page and website as vehicles for reporting incidents. In doing so, the Council noted that the current protocols published on the Facebook page should apply to the arrangement. These are:

1. The Facebook page for residents of Pett, Pett Level and the surrounding area. It complements the Pett on the Net website – It is a great place to share photos (old and new), local stories and events, up to date information, lost and found etc. The rules are:

a. No personal attacks on other members, aggression or bad language – Please! No political posts

b. Any posts that are considered inappropriate will be deleted by the administrators

2. To reflect the use of the forums for reporting and sharing information on incidents, the following will be added to the protocols:

a. Facebook and the Pett on the Net website are an effective way of informing members of the community about possible criminal activity. In reporting and exchanging information on incidents, possible criminal acts etc, those posting should remember that where appropriate the Police should be informed immediately and their advice taken, and care must be taken not to libel individuals, or name suspects without the agreement of the Police. If you want further advice on the appropriateness of a post etc, please contact the Facebook Administrator and Pett on the Net website manager Tim Rothwell – 07850 469314;

b. If you prefer, you can contact Tim Rothwell and he will be happy to put your post on Facebook and/or Pett on the Net.

David Penfold, Chair, Pett Parish Council