Speed awareness project: Pett Road, Pett


Back in 2015 I initiated the idea of displaying  “Speed Awareness “ signs on waste bins in Pett Road, Pett. It was an attempt, by displaying stick-on posters on Rother’s wheelie bins, to try and remind passing drivers that the speed limit on Pett Road is 30mph. To some extent the experiment has proved successful, although it has been difficult to quantify the benefits. It is very much reliant upon public perception but at least we may have prevented few inconsiderate drivers from speeding.

If by chance there are any residents who have moved into the village since 2015 and/or I have missed them, I do have a few posters left over and I am happy to deliver a set to you.  The only criteria is that you must live in Pett Road somewhere between Peter James Lane and the top of Chick Hill, and you must regularly place your bin by the kerb side.

 If you are interested please contact me either via email or telephone me.


Chris Saint, District Councillor.


Web: www.your-councillor.com/chris-saint/

Tel: 01424 813047