Planning Application – Wakehams Farm

At the request of a Pett Level resident, set out below for information is an email sent to Fairlight residents by the Chairman of the Fairlight Parish Council Planning Committee. Although the application is not within the Pett Parish District, because of the implications it has for the area as a whole it was discussed by Pett Parish Council at their meeting on Tuesday 20 November. Updates etc will be available in the Planning Page of Pett on the Net here


Planning Application for Wakehams Farm RR/2018/2726/P

The statutory deadline for commenting on the planning application is 9th December rather than the earlier date shown on a leaflet which has been distributed around Fairlight.

We have been assured that this application could not be approved without being referred to the Rother Planning Committee which will not be until the New Year.

Rother’s own procedures allow for comments to be made until the end of the week before the Planning Committee so if you cannot put in your comments by 9th December you have not lost your chance.

The Parish Council will be holding a drop in at Fairlight Village Hall on Thursday 13th December from 3pm to 7pm for anyone who needs guidance on how to comment or wants to discuss the application.

By then we will have had the opportunity to consider our Planning Consultants report and agree the Parish Council’s comments.

Stephen Leadbetter

Chairman of Fairlight Parish Council Planning Committee