The Pett Village Hall Management Committee meet the first Monday of every other month in the Catharine Hollman room in the Village Hall.

To contact the Village Hall, including emergencies, ring Tim Rothwell on 07850 469314 or email


Chris and Robin Hutt, owners of Fairlight End, and the organisers of the Pett Village Gardens event over the weekend of 23 and 24 June, have given a donation of £1,418.11 (20% of the money raised for charity) in return for the use of the car park and toilets. The Pett Village Hall Committee are very grateful to Chris and Robin and the owners of the other three gardens that were open – Ambleside (David and Jackie), French Court Farm (Suzie and Guy) and Breanross (Libby and Tim) – for the donation.


It is with enormous pleasure that we can announce that in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List published today (9 June) Ray Barden has been awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) for his services to the community in Pett.

Amongst the many other contributions Ray has made to the village, and until his recent decision not to stand for election again, Ray has been a member of the Pett Village Hall Committee for some forty years, including time as Chair.

Many congratulations Ray – the honour is well-deserved and the people of Pett are very grateful to you for all you have done for them.



The new Management Committee of the Pett Village Hall met for the first time on Monday 4 June 2018. I am very pleased to report that we now have the necessary eight members/management trustees as set out in the constitution. Steps are being taken to register these with the Charity Commission to ensure that the Village Hall is fully compliant with the requirements of the Commission. We also have elected a Chair and Vice-Chair.

The members of the committee are as follows:

Carol Glasson

David Hance

Carol Pecorini

Fran Pitts (Secretary)

Tim Rothwell (Chair, Bookings and Website Manager)

Richard Smith (Treasurer)

Mike Wilkins (Vice-Chair)

Helen Wilson

The Committee is examining other issues relating to its constitution to see if any amendments/additions need to be made to reflect the role the hall plays in the life of the village. The necessary changes to the bank account mandates are being made as a matter of urgency to enable, amongst other issues, cheques to be signed by the new officers. Arrangements are also being put in place to ensure that the fabric of the hall is properly maintained on a day-to-day basis and that health and safety requirements are complied with.

An important issue in the short term is the insurance policy for the hall, including whether or not the building can be insured at an acceptable premium to allow for badminton to be played in the main hall once again. The current policy is due for renewal this August and we will report on developments as soon as possible.

The separate website for the Village Hall has now been closed and the relevant information relating to the hall, including booking arrangements and the 500 Club, are available on Pett on the NeT.

The outgoing and incoming Committee are very grateful to Jason Thomas for his expertise and hard work in maintaining the Village Hall website and for facilitating the transfer of information to Pett on the Net.

The monthly calendar for bookings will be available on the website to enable users to check availability and see what’s on. The calendar for June has already been uploaded and the remaining months of the year will be available soon.

A reminder that the email address for bookings is now telephone 07850 469314.

The Committee is starting to look at fund-raising and other events at the hall, including jumble sales, craft fairs and the annual Halloween Party. Any suggestions for such events would be most welcome.

Finally, the new Committee once again wishes to thank the outgoing Committee for all its help, encouragement and support in ensuring a smooth transfer of responsibilities to the new team.

The next meeting of the Committee will be held at the Village Hall on Monday 2 July and we welcome as many of you as possible to come along and contribute. Your input is essential if the Village Hall is to continue to fulfil its function as the focal point for community activities.

Tim Rothwell

Chair, Pett Village Hall Management Committee


 At the Annual General Meeting of the Pett Village Hall Committee held on Monday 14 May 2018, a new Management Committee was elected. The six members elected, and their roles where appropriate, are:

Carol Glasson

Carol Pecorini

Fran Pitts (Secretary)

Tim Rothwell (Bookings and Website Manager)

Richard Smith (Treasurer)

Helen Wilson

Carol Glasson and Carol Pecorini are existing members, whilst the other four are new.

As a result of the election, Pett Village Hall will remain open for business, which is good news for the community.

However, the constitution provides for 8 members, and so far there are only six. The new Management Committee would therefore love to hear from anyone who would like to join the Committee so that the two vacancies can be filled. The new Committee has yet to elect a Chairman or Vice-Chairman. There are also a few other roles which still need to be filled by members of the Committee.

It has also been agreed that the separate website for the Village Hall will be closed soon, and its content has already been transferred to Pett on the Net. Information about the hall, bookings procedures and forms, and details about the 500 Club, are now available at

There is also a new email address for bookings:, along with a new telephone number – 07850 469314. The existing address and number will remain in place for a few weeks until the separate Pett Village Hall website closes.

The next meeting of the Village Hall Committee will be held at Pett Village Hall on Monday 4 June at 7.00pm, and you will be very welcome to attend, especially if you’d like to become a member of the Committee!

Finally, the new Committee is very grateful for all the help and support we have received from the outgoing team, and would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication over the years. We hope we are able to continue with the success they have achieved.