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We have a room!
The Gallery at Pett Village Hall

Huge thanks go to Alan Butler and our electrician, Steve Marshall, who have both done a brilliant job.  We now have a light and airy space with natural light plus overhead lighting and plenty of sockets and a phone/

broadband connection.  It may be a while before you can see the space in person, so we will take more photos when it is kitted out This month, we have made an application to Heritage Lottery Fund, which has been closed for applications until recently. Once again, thanks to Tim Rothwell and the Pett Village Hall Management Committee, for supporting this project, it has been invaluable.

From our last update in the Pett Parish Magazine, we reaped the good fortune of being contacted by two more volunteers living in the village. They have all the expertise to assist us in the creation of the archive. Thank you John Case and Jenny Obee.

Following our recent Zoom meeting, John and Jenny are now in the process of researching the best software for the task, that is cost effective and future proof. Additionally, they have a wealth of experience in the fields of library m a n a g e m e n t , a r c h i v i n g a n d cataloguing. John and Jenny have also offered to help with the training of the volunteers, who will be assisting with the cataloguing process.

There is a tremendous enthusiasm in our team and we still need additional people to join us. We are also looking for help with our web site. That includes design and functionality to complement the whole archive project.

Can anyone help  us?

You can contact us at

Or call David Breakell (Treasurer)

or Fran Rogers (Chair) at 01424 812964