Pett Village Hall Management Committee AGM – Monday 13 May 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the Pett Village Hall Management Committee will be held on Monday 13 May at 7.30pm at the Pett Village Hall.

The agenda and papers for the AGM, and for the regular meeting, starting at 7.00pm,  which will be precede at the AGM, can be downloaded here

All are welcome to attend both meetings.

Nuisance Cat – Update 13 May

There have been many reported sightings of this cat highlighting his aggressive behaviour and injuries to his victims.  His reported territory ranges from Elms Lane, Pett Road to Chick Hill.

Action is being taken to trap him and transport him to a rescue centre, where he will be neutered and offered for rehoming.

If you know the owner  please contact 07850346975.

A Thank You from Chris Saint

The letter below will be appearing in June’s edition of Pett & Pett Level News. With Chris’s permission, it is posted here as well.

Dear Editor

 May I take the opportunity, through the magazine, to give sincere and heartfelt thanks to all the residents of Pett and Pett Level for their support, both in the recent Rother District Council election and during my four years as District Councillor.

 Although challenging at times, I very much enjoyed being your representative during my term and was disappointed at not being able to continue but that, as they say, is politics. Also, in this particular case, although my support in Pett and Guestling was extremely high, the far larger voter numbers in Fairlight meant that sadly, on this occasion I was unsuccessful. Still, I met so many great people over the four years and made several new friends.

 As for the future, Mary and I are now looking to move to a smaller and more practical property but we very much hope that this can still be in the village or on the Level, as they are such great communities.

 Thank you again

 Chris Saint 


Mystery Egg

Alan Kenworthy has posted the following:

We found this large egg by the church entrance last evening (Friday 10 May). Is it a goose egg? And why is it there? Has anybody seen a large bird sat outside the church?


Theft of Trailer – Pett Road: 8 May

John Cooke has asked for the following post to be put on Pett on the Net:

Well happened again last night (Wednesday 8 May). My trailer was stolen from out side my house in Pett Road. Two monkeys managed to unhitch it and push it down the road with 80 turfs on it so would have been very heavy! Distinctive things to look out for – no mesh on back, hole in right hand corner of floor, solar panel next to spare wheel, welded number on draw bar! If you can keep an eye out any information would be appreciated, reward offered for solid information or return, Thanks 

Nuisance Cat

We have been asked to post this entry by a local resident.

Who owns this cat?


Despite his good looks, he is aggressive, attacking other cats, visiting homes in TN35 4HG and other properties along Pett Road.
The problem is he has not been neutered often spraying pee to leave his scent. Thus marking the territory of other cats. It is a very unpleasant smell and difficult to remove.
If you know the owner please contact 07850346975.

Sussex Police: Contact Handler Recruitment Now Open


Our Force Contact, Command and Control Department isn’t a call centre, it’s the start of our front line. If you’re looking for a change in career, look no further.

Our Contact Handlers are an essential part of policing and have a key role in keeping Sussex safe and we’re hiring now.

The contact centre is bustling with activity, our contact handlers deal with a vast variety of emergency 999 calls, non emergency 101 calls, online and social media communications and often are the first point of contact for the public with police.

We’re looking for people who are quick thinking with an enquiring mind, able to multi task, pay attention to detail and have excellent communication skills.

Chief Superintendent Jane Derrick, who is responsible for the contact centre, said: “For many people you’ll be the first point of contact with the police, whether it’s over the phone or by email. Versatility is crucial in this role as no two days are the same, no two calls are the same – our contact handlers will agree.

Our contact handlers are that calm voice in someone’s hour of need. They listen and record vital detail to ensure that the caller receives the right response. One moment you could receive a call from a distressed parent reporting their child missing and the next call a report of a dispute between neighbours. The role is striking the right balance between meeting the needs of the caller, giving the right advice for each situation, all the while showing empathy while not becoming too emotionally involved when dealing with sometimes difficult circumstances.

This is our second recruitment campaign this year as we continue to invest in our public contact service, in order to enhance our ability to respond quickly and decisively to those who call us for help.”

The role is based at our Headquarters on the outskirts of Lewes. You’ll need to be able to work shifts, including nights, weekends and bank holidays.

In return we offer a great starting salary with enhancements to reflect the shift and weekend/bank holiday working. We also provide excellent ongoing training, opportunities for continued personal development and professional progression.

We seek to recruit local people, with local knowledge and whatever your background, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation, we welcome you and your application.

If you’re looking for a new career where you can make a difference, choose a job that matters and become a contact handler.

Recruitment opened on Friday 3 May and will close on Monday 27 May.

We are also offering Recruitment Tours on specific days throughout May to provide an insight into the role of a contact handler by seeing first hand what they do daily. Details of when the Recruitment Tours are and how to book are on our Contact Handler webpages in the ‘Recruitment Tour’ drop down menu.

For more details visit:

Rother District Council Result: Southern Rother Ward

Southern Rother Ward Result – Rother District Council

Roger Bird (Con) 742 – Elected

Elaine Lee (Lab) 235

Andrew Mier (Lib Dem) 787 – Elected

Chris Saint (Con) 664

Nick Warren (Lab) 314

Rother District Council final result:

Conservatives: 14
Independents: 13
Liberal Democrats: 7
Labour: 3
Green: 1


Pett Parish Council Election Results – 2019
Crouch, Alan – 169 elected
Dean, Judith – 199 elected
Dunlop, Andrew – 231 elected
Leeson, John (Independent) – 133
Penfold, David – 214 elected
Rothwell, Tim – 213 elected
Ware, Stuart – 145 elected
Wilkins, Mike – 197 elected

Pett Village Hall – Accident Book

I know that some groups who hire Pett Village Hall  keep their own accident books but it is very important from the point of view of the Village Hall’s insurance that ALL accidents are recorded in the Pett Village Hall Accident Book as well.
It is kept in the cupboard in the kitchen at the Hall where the manuals etc are.
Many thanks.

Tim Rothwell

Pett Village Hall Management Committee