Latest News – August 2019

For the past year our minister Rev Ian Pruden has been very poorly. Sadly he has now resigned from the post here in Hastings, Bexhill & Rye circuit. He was responsible for four churches, ours at Pett, Rye, St Helen’s in Ore and Calvert Methodist Church in Hastings as well as being Superintendent for all our churches in the circuit.

This means that at present we are sharing two ministers for the twelve churches and two Methodist Homes for the Aged, but that will become only one in September, when another retires! Fortunately the Methodist Church has always involved lay people and we have several local preachers and worship leaders, and we have some wonderful helpers in some vicars and ministers coming along on occasion from other denominations. Very ecumenical!

We think we will not get anybody else for another year. Tough! At Pett, this is challenging for us but we are continuing to be ‘church’ and all that means. In July we went down to the Pett Level Rescue Boat for Sea Sunday that Meriel from the Parish Church and us from Pett Methodist do together, and Guestling School Choir came along as well. It nearly rained on us but not for long!

We now have a big project on the go to put ‘Joseph & His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ on with as many children as we can gather from the area. Look out for the posters. Book 7th September at Pett Village Hall into your diaries.

Wendy Hatch


Details of the latest church services at the Pett Methodist Chapel are here