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Latest News/Notices/Articles

Pett Church Flower Festival: Gallery

Pett Village Hall – Update from 4 June Committee Meeting

The new Management Committee of the Pett Village Hall met for the first time on Monday 4 June 2018. There are now  the necessary eight members/management trustees as set out in the constitution. Steps are being taken to register these with the Charity Commission to ensure that the Village Hall is fully compliant with the requirements of the Commission. A Chair and Vice-Chair have also been elected.

The members of the committee are as follows:

Carol Glasson

David Hance

Carol Pecorini

Fran Pitts (Secretary)

Tim Rothwell (Chair, Bookings and Website Manager)

Richard Smith (Treasurer)

Mike Wilkins (Vice-Chair)

Helen Wilson

An update report on the Pett Village Hall Committee’s activities following the meeting on 4 June can be found here

500 Club Winners -May 2018

Project Remember – June Update

The latest news about Project Remember can be read here

Suspicious Man: Chick Hill 4 June

Rother Neighbourhood Watch have reported that a suspicious man was seen on Chick Hill, Pett Level at 13.04 on Monday 4 June 2018.

If you have any further information on this incident please call Sussex Police on 101 quoting reference number SXP-20180604-0599.

Rother Neighbourhood Watch have a website http://www.rothernhw.co.uk/

Barrie Hall – seeking information on his family

Barrie Hall has posted the following on the Pett on the Net Facebook page. He has agreed that his post should also be included on the Pett on the Net website.

I was adopted by Kathleen Hall, nee Soul. She was from Pett, her sisters were Peggy, Hilda & Ilene. My mum was born on 7th June 1927. Nee Soul and before that Monk. Anyone left who remembers those names? Any information would be gratefully received, thank you.

If you can help Barrie, please contact him through the Facebook page here

Pett Village Hall: Website

The separate website for Pett Village Hall  https://www.pettvillagehall.org.uk  has now closed. The Pett Village Hall Committee, both past and present, are very grateful to Jason Thomas for looking after the site so diligently and expertly on their behalf. The relevant material on that site has now been transferred to the Pett Village Hall pages on Pett on the Net –  here

The contact for bookings for the Hall is Tim Rothwell, the Bookings Manager, on 07850 469314 tim.rothwell@pettnet.org.uk


Pett & Pett Level Archive: Photographs of Young People in Pett and Pett Level

With grateful thanks to Lynda Watson (nee Harris), a new page has been created in the Pett & Pett Level Archive – Photographs of Young People in Pett and Pett Level, available here

The page has photos of 1st Guestling and Pett Guides and Guestling School in 1956/57 (?), plus links to the Rye Old Scholars Association (ROSA) website which has a range of photos of staff and pupils of Rye County Secondary School and Rye Grammar School.

It would be great if you have photos that could be added to the new page and the archive in general. If you do, please scan and email them to Tim Rothwell tim.rothwell@pettnet.org.uk

If you are unable to scan them, Tim may be able to.

Pett Stoolball Club

The 2018 fixture list for Pett Stoolball Club is available on the new Stoolball Page – here

St Nicholas Church – Cross Dedication: 26 May

The St Nicholas Church page has been updated here


It contains pictures of the Cross Dedication Ceremony conducted by the Bishop of Lewes on 26 May. He arrived on his Harley!


BT Fraud Department Scam – Warning From Ore Neighbourhood Watch

A Member of Ore Neighbourhood Watch has issued the following warning on 29 May:

If you get a call from someone claiming to be from BT fraud department, DO NOT CONTINUE, my wife was scammed and the scammers emptied her account in minutes. They gave a number 02031299196 to call. I Googled it and it said it was a scam. DO NOT GO AHEAD WITH ANYTHING THEY ASK YOU TO DO. SPREAD THE WORD

My Community Space – Volunteering Opportunities

Pett Village Hall – Bookings and What’s On

From now on, we will be showing the bookings for Pett Village Hall on the Bookings and What’s On Page here (private functions will be shown as a booking but not identified) so that you can see what’s on and check availability.

The bookings for June 2018 have been uploaded.

You can also check availability for the current and subsequent months with Tim Rothwell, Bookings Manager on 07850 469314 email tim.rothwell@pettnet.org.uk

Changes to Timetable for Bus Routes 100 and 101 – from 3 June

Stagecoach have announced changes to the timetables for bus route 100 and 101, with the creation of a new bus route 102.

The changes take effect from Sunday 3 June 2018.

100 Conquest Hospital-Hastings-Guestling-Icklesham-Winchelsea-Rye-Camber-Lydd-Dover (Daily)

To reduce the effect of localised traffic congestion causing late running to buses along the whole length of this long bus route, Stagecoach have taken the decision to split the service into two sections. Service 100 will run between Hastings Conquest Hospital and Rye. New hourly service 102 will run between Rye, Camber and Dover (see below). Connections will be available on most buses at Rye Station between services 100 and 102.


*         To Rye on Mondays to Saturdays buses will start from Hastings Silverhill at 05:47 (not Saturdays), 06:42 and 07:47; from Conquest Hospital at 08:53, 09:53, 10:53, 11:53, 12:53, 13:53, 14:53, 15:53, 16:53 and 17:50; and from Hastings Station at 19:30.

*         To Rye on Sundays and public holidays buses will start from Hastings Silverhill at 08:05 and 10:05; from Conquest Hospital at 11:50, 13:50, 15:50 and 17:50.

*         To Hastings Conquest Hospital on Mondays to Saturdays buses will start from Rye Station at 07:25, 08:44 and hourly until 16:44. Later buses will depart from Rye Station, to Hastings Station at 17:44 and 18:44, and to Hastings Silverhill at 19:39 and 20:24.

*         To Hastings Conquest Hospital on Sundays and public holidays buses will start from Rye Station at 09:37, 11:37, 13:37 and 15:37. Later buses will depart from Rye Station to Hastings Silverhill at 17:37, 18:37 and 19:37.


101 Conquest Hospital-Hastings-Fairlight-Winchelsea Beach-Rye-Camber-Lydd-Dover (Daily)

To reduce the effect of localised traffic congestion causing late running to buses along the whole length of this long bus route, Stagecoach have taken the decision to split the service into two sections. Service 101 will run between Hastings Conquest Hospital and Rye. New hourly service 102 will run between Rye, Camber and Dover (see below). Connections will be available at Rye on Sundays and public holidays between services 101 and 102.

*         To Rye on Mondays to Saturdays buses will start from Ore at 07:11 on schooldays (07:21 on non-schooldays), from Hastings Station at 07:47 and 08:47, from Hastings Silverhill at 09:34, and during the day from Conquest Hospital at 10:22 and hourly until 14:22. Later buses will depart from Silverhill at 15:44 and 16:39, from Conquest Hospital at 17:22, and from Hastings Station at 18:55.

*         To Rye on Sundays and public holidays buses will start from Hastings Silverhill at 09:02; from Conquest Hospital at 10:50, 12:50, 14:50 and 16:50.

*         To Hastings on Mondays to Saturdays buses will start from Rye Station at 06:54 (not Saturdays), 07:48 (on schooldays only and via Guestling Bradshaw CEP School) or 07:57 (non-schooldays). These earlier buses will run to Hastings Station. Daytime buses will run to Hastings Conquest Hospital, starting from Rye Station 09:08, 10:08, 11:08, 12:08 and 13:08. Later buses will depart from Rye Station to Hastings Silverhill at 14:08 and 15:30, to Conquest Hospital at 16:08, and to Hastings Silverhill at 17:08 and 18:08.

*         To Hastings Conquest Hospital on Sundays and public holidays buses will start from Rye Station at 10:37, 12:37, 14:37 and 16:37.


102 Rye-Camber-Lydd-Greatstone-New Romney-Hythe-Folkestone-Dover (Daily)

Services 100 and 101 will run between Hastings Conquest Hospital and Rye (see above), with service 102 providing an hourly service between Rye, Camber and Dover. Connections will be available in Rye between services 100 and 102 on Mondays to Saturdays, and between services 100/101 and 102 on Sundays and public holidays.

*         To Rye on Mondays to Saturdays buses will depart from Camber Sands Holiday Park at 06:59, 08:07, 09:13 and hourly until 18:13, then at 19:12 and 20:08.

*         To Rye on Sundays and public holidays buses will depart from Camber Sands Holiday Park at 09:12 and hourly until 19:12.

*         From Rye Station to Camber and Dover on Mondays to Saturdays buses will depart at 06:39 (Mondays to Fridays only – this bus will be numbered route 105 and run to Folkestone only), 07:37, 09:07 and hourly until 17:07, then 18:02, 18:44 and 19:44.

*         From Rye Station to Camber and Dover on Sundays and public holidays will depart at 09:10 and hourly until 19:10. The last journey runs to Folkestone only.

Timetables are available to download from Stagecoach’s website through the following link:


The bus timetables on Pettnet will be updated automatically when the changes take effect.

Burglary Crime and Prevention and Awareness Campaign – 2018

Pett on the Net has received the following email from Sussex Police:

‘The force launched the summer burglary crime prevention and awareness campaign for this year on Sunday 20 May which will run until Saturday 27.

There will be operational activity where our Prevention Enforcement Teams will concentrate their efforts on searching for people who are wanted on warrant and for those who are named as suspects for burglary offences. Updates will be posted on local District social media accounts.

We’ll be sharing on our social media stories from real people who have experienced burglary together with the consequences. Their stories reflect the emotional impact which this crime has on individuals, their families and the convictions given to those responsible. If you are a social media user, do give us a follow.

Use this link to read them https://sussex.police.uk/advice/protect-your-home-and-belongings/burglary/burglary-victim-stories/
Operation Magpie launched in 2015 and since then we have been vigilant in sending out consistent crime prevention advice to remind people how they can safeguard their property and reduce the chance of being burgled.

Of the 43 UK police forces, Sussex is rated as eighth highest in the national league table (Iquanta data) as one of the least likely places to live and be burgled.

Already in the last couple of weeks we’ve had some excellent results catching those suspected of committing burglary within our county. Six people have been remanded in custody for burglary offences.

Remember you can register your belongings and encourage your family and friends to do the same at Immobilise, the free national property register.

Use this link to register https://www.immobilise.com/

Use this link to watch a short clip and find out more about Immobilise https://sussex.police.uk/advice/protect-your-home-and-belongings/burglary/

Kind regards

Alasdair Henry

Detective Chief Inspector, Burglary Prevention Lead’

Finding Vulnerable Missing People With Dementia

A new scheme to help find vulnerable missing people with dementia and related conditions is being adopted across Sussex.

During Dementia Action Week, which starts today Monday (21 May), Sussex Police and partner agencies are formally adopting the ‘Herbert Protocol’, giving carers, relatives or friends the ability to prepare, in advance, information that police will need quickly if ever their loved one goes missing.

With more than 850,000 people affected by dementia in the UK and numbers set to rise, Sussex Police have worked in partnership with the Alzheimers Society and Sussex Search and Rescue (SusSAR) to plan this scheme.

The Protocol, already adopted by several forces across the UK, is named after George Herbert from Norfolk, a veteran of the Normandy landings, who lived with dementia and repeatedly went missing from his care home.

It consists of a form that can be completed by relatives, friends or carers of those affected by dementia, recording vital information about the person including their regular medication, previous addresses and daily routines. Should the person they care for go missing, the form can be handed straight to the attending police officers, with a photograph.

This will help provide officers with the most up to date information about the vulnerable missing person, helping to accurately guide their search, and also avoid further unnecessary questions for families at what can be an extremely distressing time.

Chief Superintendent Lisa Bell said: “When a vulnerable person is reported missing it can be deeply distressing for their family and friends. Finding them quickly before they come to harm is critical. We know that people may find it difficult to recall information when they are worried and distressed, and having vital information to hand about regular routines and previous addresses, will help officers to act fast to locate the missing person, returning them home safely.

“This will be an extra resource for our priority task of safeguarding and protecting those most vulnerable in our communities.”

The form once completed should be regularly updated and kept in a safe place, with a photo, where it can be easily located and handed to the attending officers should the person you care for go missing. To get the form and find out more, just visit here.

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said: “With an ageing population increasing across our county, the need for the ‘Herbert Protocol’ has never been greater.

“As people live longer, they may also become increasingly vulnerable and this is no doubt made worse when they suffer from a debilitating disease like dementia.

“I am really pleased that Sussex Police have adopted this protocol as it will help everyone from the police to families and carers to be best prepared for an unanticipated emergency and help protect the more vulnerable in our society.“

If you are concerned for the whereabouts of a friend or relative, please dial 101. If you feel the person may be in immediate danger, please call 999 as soon as possible.

For more information about Dementia Action Week visit here.


Pett and Pett Level News – June Edition

The Editor has uploaded the June edition of Pett  and Pett Level News – available to download  here

2018 National Rural Crime Survey

Sussex Police have issued the following details about the 2018 National Rural Crime Survey.

‘It has been three years since the first National Rural Crime Survey asked the public for their views on matters relating to rural crime. In this year’s survey those who live, work or visit rural communities in the county are being encouraged to respond and have their voice heard. This is significant to Neighbourhood Watch as some rural crimes may be carried out by people who live in urban areas.

In late 2017, Sussex Police appointed Superintendent Emma Brice and Sergeant Tom Carter as dedicated leads for rural crime, to address the vulnerabilities and crime types which are specific to rural areas.

Supt Brice said: “A large proportion of Sussex residents live, work in or visit rural areas regularly and we really want to hear your views on issues related to rural policing and crime. We know that there are certain types of crime and areas of vulnerability which impact rural communities and businesses differently from those in urban areas. Alongside other measures, the responses to this survey will contribute towards ensuring we are meeting the needs of our rural communities.”

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said: “One of the focuses of this year’s survey is whether rural crime continues to be under-reported. Three years ago, one in four people who responded to the survey nationally said they didn’t report the last crime they’d been a victim of because they didn’t see the point. This is an uncomfortable thing to hear for all those involved in protecting rural areas, so it’s important we ask these questions again and find out whether people are more willing to report crime and if they feel safer. It’s vital that the voice of rural communities is heard by those who can make a difference – from the Police to Government. I urge residents to take part in the survey and help us build a clear picture of crime and anti-social behaviour in rural Sussex and to understand the impact it has where you live or work.”

The survey is open for submissions until Sunday 10 June.

Have your say here: http://www.nationalruralcrimenetwork.net/research/internal/2018survey/. We appreciate that many people are rightly cautious about clicking on links in E-mails. If you prefer, please search on the internet for 2018 National Rural Crime Survey, which you can find on the National Rural Crime Network website.

To contact Sussex Neighbourhood Watch please E-mail enquiries@sussexnwfed.org.uk or visit www.sussexnwfed.org.uk.’

Church Pages Update

The pages for St Mary & St Peter, Pett and St Nicholas, Pett Level have been updated




Bogus Callers

Sussex Police are reminding residents in East Sussex to be on the alert for unwanted and bogus callers.

The warning came after three men called on an elderly lady in Pevensey, at about midday on Wednesday 9 May saying they were from the ‘River Board’ and needed to check her tap water for possible contamination. They were in the house for several minutes, attempting to distract her with various requests to fill up receptacles as they were about to turn the water supply off, but she became suspicious of them and they eventually left, empty-handed.

Investigator Bernadette Peters said: “This was a clear attempt to distract the lady and steal from her, probably cash, but they must have realised that she suspected them, and cut their losses by leaving. But we are warning other residents to look out for this trio, or for any similar attempts. Don’t let cold callers of any kind into your home. Keep them out and tell us if you think they may be planning to steal. Ring 101 or 999. You can also contact us if you recognise the descriptions of these men.”

All the suspects are described as white. One was in his late twenties, wearing slim fitting black trousers, a black V-neck jumper, a black peaked baseball style cap, a mauve lanyard and grey gardening-style gloves with a blue zig-zag style pattern down to the fingers. The second man was in his 40’s, 6′ with thick dark brown hair, clean shaven, wearing a dark suit with a thick black outer jacket and thick trousers which looked out of place as it was such a warm day.  The third man was aged about 18, of stocky build with thick dark brown hair similar to the second man and possibly related.