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Latest News/Notices/Articles

TV Licensing Scam

Victims have lost more than £830,000 to the TV Licensing scam designed to steal victims’ personal and bank details.
In the space of a year, Action Fraud has received more than 900 reports of losses due to the phishing email and says it’s continuing to see the scam in high numbers.
How to protect yourself from the TV Licensing scam:
Don’t assume an email or phone call is genuine, even if it includes some of your basic information such as your name or address. Criminals can spoof email addresses so it looks like a legitimate organisation is contacting you.
If you get an email promising a refund, always be suspicious and don’t rush to click a link. Search the organisation and ‘refund’ in a search engine and see if there are any reported scams.
Don’t click on links or open attachments in suspicious emails and never respond to messages which ask for personal details.
Remember your bank will never ask for your Pin, full password or tell you to transfer money out of your account.
There is now a new version of the TV Licensing scam doing the rounds.
This version warns that your TV licence couldn’t be automatically renewed because something went wrong with your direct debit payments.
It then urges you to set up a new direct debit by following a link.
Victims who fall for these scams are asked for a lengthy list of personal and financial information:
Full name
Date of birth
Phone number
Mother’s maiden name
Credit or bank card number and details
TV licence account number.
Once the victim submits this information, it goes straight to the scammers.

How to spot a TV licence scam:

TV Licensing has issued several tips for identifying a genuine email from them:
Check that the email contains your name TV Licensing will always include your name in any emails it sends you.
Check the email subject line Anything along the lines of ‘Action required’, ‘Security alert’, ‘System upgrade’, ‘There is a secure message waiting for you’, and so on, should be treated as suspect.
Check the email address Does the email address look like one that TV Licensing uses? For example, donotreply@tvlicensing.co.uk. Look closely, as often the address may be similar.
Check for a change in style.
Often the scammers will take the real emails and amend them. Look out for changes in the wording used, especially if it seems too casual or familiar.

Check for spelling and grammar Are there any spelling mistakes, missing full stops or other grammatical errors?
Check the links go to the TV Licensing website.
Hover over the links in the email to see their destination and check the web address carefully. If you’re not sure, go directly to the TV Licensing website.

TV Licensing will never ask you to reply to an email to provide bank details or personal information, and you should be wary of any correspondence that does.

This is one for you to be aware of – don’t fall unwittingly for this scam.

Help us keep Sussex safe

Seen something suspicious or have information about a crime or incident? Please contact us online, email us at 101@sussex.pnn.police.uk or call 101.

Alternatively you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111, or online at www.crimestoppers-uk.org

Pett Level: Children’s Art Competition

Pett Level Preservation Trust


What’s special about Pett Level? Games on the beach? Fossil hunting at Cliff end? Our fantastic wild birds?
If you can think of anyone under 16 who might be looking for something to do over the school holidays why not get them to capture their favourite thing about Pett Level as a drawing, a painting, a collage – anything they like – and enter our competition. The winning picture will be turned into a postcard which will be available for sale in the village over the summer.

Our competition judge this year will be renowned local artist Annie Soudain.

Entry Fee: £2 per design

Competition Deadline: Saturday 25th May 2019

Prize: £30 voucher and a framed copy of the postcard once printed

All entries will be displayed in the New Beach Club at Pett Level over the late May Bank holiday weekend. The winner will be announced at the Club on Monday 27th May 2019 at 14.30

The entry form for the competition can be downloaded here Postcard Comp Entry Form 2019

B&B Owners: beware of a guest who leaves without paying

B&B owners: Be on the lookout for a young woman being booked in by a Grandma or Great Aunt to have some quiet study time. No car, comes with small pink case, distinctive feature large gap between front teeth, going by the name of Catherine, Sally or Holly.

Has targeted two local B&Bs and also one in Northiam and leaves without paying.

Important: Thefts and suspicious activity in Pett and Pett Level

John Cooke has posted the following message on the Pett on the Net Facebook Page

Okay people we had two motocross bikes stolen from Pett last night, we have names and cctv, we have managed to get one of the bikes back and have to suspects in custody well one is in hospital!!! ( He must of fellover 🤷🏻‍♂️) we still think the bike could be local as one was being pushed through Pett early today, so any Pett residents that have any information/cctv would be appreciated the bike in the picture is the one we are still looking for it has a lot of distinctive parts on it as you can see from the pic ie, race exhaust, green striped seat cover green anodised wheel hubs etc etc any information call text me on 07970336207

Here is a photo of the bike:

Thanks all and fingers crossed
Please share make it to hot to move!

In addition, a vintage post box was stolen recently from French Court Farm. There have been reports of prowlers in Pett and Pett Level. And there was an attempted break-in to a car parked on a drive in Pett Road the other evening.

Please be vigilant and report anything suspicious immediately to the Police. 

500 Club Winners – March 2019

Increase in Vehicle Crime

Get Safe Online – Safe Holiday Booking Campaign

Suspicious Person – Pett Level Road

The following are relevant extracts from two emails to Councillor David Penfold, Chair of Pett Parish Council

Email 1

Dear Police Neighbourhood Watch,
Parish Councils & Residents of Fairlight and Rother,
On two separate occasions (2nd March and today 29th March) a suspicious individual has stopped at both my property and the local Farm up the road from me, on the Pett Level Road, East Sussex. On both occasions he has taken a keen interest in the machinery, outbuildings and the location of the CCTV Cameras on both properties. Once he has had a good look around the property, he sits in his car for some time playing with his phone (presumably checking Google maps). This was reported by myself to the police when it initially happened at the beginning of the month, but his number plate was not clear, so no action was taken by the police.
Today (29/3/19) he came back to my address at 17.08pm; again visiting the local farm first and having a good look around there) before coming to me immediately afterwards. Initially, he came from the direction of Hastings, heading towards Rye and passed my house, but then turned around and came back. This time he got out of the car and walked around the entirety of the outside of my property, taking closer note of the position of all the CCTV Cameras. He got in and out of his car twice and shuttled back and forth, returning to the front entrance of my property twice and the side entrance at least three times, all the time peering through the knot holes in our gates, pushing at the gates, jumping up to peer over high fences and taking note of the contents of the front garden. At no time did he attempt to ring either door bells or leave a calling card.
He was outside for nearly 10 mins and again could be seen checking his phone for a considerable time, whilst parked up outside. Both the Farm owner and myself felt his behaviour was highly suspicious and not the actions of a normal visitor.
He has tight cropped hair that looks slightly ginger in the sunlight, but is believed to be dark, with a distinctive widow’s peak. He has a deeply furrowed forehead, with sunken cheeks. He’s slight build, wearing mid blue jeans, dark shoes and a dark tan leather jacket. He may have links to the travelling community.
As we have had a succession of intruders/suspicious persons locally in Fairlight in the last month; along with a recent burglary of another
Farm on Battery Hill, we are trying to be extra vigilant.
I’m aware of several attempts to report suspicious behaviour online in the immediate area (Separate Incidents); Including 4 individuals intruding on private property at 4am last week. These have been made to the 101 e-mail contact service, but as yet no responses have been received from the police with regard to these reports. I suspect therefore, that these individual, but clustered events in the immediate area have not been linked together.
We phoned 101 and requested that a local police officer view our CCTV footage ASAP, but no one was available when we reported it, as it is Friday.
This individual’s car is a silver Range Rover, Reg No GX04 MPU, and he left our property at approx 17.18pm heading back toward Hastings.
Please contact the police immediately dialling 999 if you see him in the local area.
Maggie Sullivan.


Email 2

Hello David,
I’ve phoned 101 again today to get an officer down to view the video I have but do not hold out much hope. I believe he might be known to the Police.
This person has a distinctive widows peak and sunken cheeks, with a strikingly resemblance to a person who came to our house last year, wanting to clean our roof of moss. That guy insisted he’d been called out to do the job on my house.
This person was also known to the police. He came from the travelling community, but we only discovered this months later when the police called to us on an unrelated matter. They were not aware at the time that he was in the area.
Those at the farm have also said they believe the man in yesterday’s incident came from the same community. He drove to the back of their farm to turn his car around, despite there being an empty car park at the front in which to turn around. He was acting suspiciously on their property too and caught on CCTV Camera.
As I understand it, some of the incidences so far involve people in the area calling at properties, saying they are looking for outbuildings/properties to rent; as happened with Mr Elliot, Battery
Hill. Days later, Often on a Friday or Saturday night, (When Police are most busy) those locations are broken in to. These people are very brazen.
Incidents that have happened locally here (Not exhaustive), in under a year, consist of
* Suspicious man/Bogus caller. Hid face once they realized we had cameras, wanted to clean moss off our roof. Said, he’d been called by us to do the job!. 22/5/18 17.09pm Reported online, no
response, but later identified as known to Police.
* Mr Elliot, Farm robbery Peter James Lane. Date believed 1/3/19. 3.40 am (Under investigation, but no arrests made) Cameras present, but
thieves did not seem to care! (Reported, but status unknown.)* My report Ref 848 2/3/19 Suspicious man parks in the middle of the road and takes note of security cameras on drive and house. 2/3/19. 1.44 PM. Saturday (Went to Farm First) Reported on 101. no response.
* 4 individuals walking through Wakehams Farm at 4am, from rear field Rosemary Lane End (Back field), past the farm shop and over Farm Gate, cross road and then over East Field Gate, into East Field. Picked up by shooters night scope and frightened off as they were looking through the
farm machinery in East Field. (Reported by Farm online, no Response)
* Man caught in East Field with torch. Brow of Stream Hill at Field gate area 16/3/19. 22.48pm Black Mitsabushi Reg GV67 KGN Challenged by Family member, Darren from the farm and friends.
* Man walking with torch in field (No Dog) behind our garage, but in East Field adjacent to Leather Waggon end. Date unknown, but within the last 8 weeks. challenged by son 3.35am Man ran off. Reported next Day, no response
* Man at our house yesterday 17.08pm same as man on the 2/3/19 stayed ten mins.Highly Suspicious behaviour. Reported on 101, still yet to hear from anyone.
Police told Mr Elliot that although these cars come up as taxed and MOT’d on the DVLA website, they are often stolen plates so the car, address etc cannot be traced. He was told Rural crime is epidemic at present and they were unlikely to get to court, despite a name and positive ID being put forward for one of the assailants, who is known topolice and lives in Ore. The vehicle associated with the Elliot break-in has also been linked to a break-in in Brede recently.
As with most rural crime access across fields is often essential to move machinery out undisturbed and unseen by CCTV. The Character at our house
yesterday was very disturbing. We have short video of his behaviour, but it’s too large to upload, we may have to post it to FB when permission is given.
MY NUMBER IS 01424 813884 OR MOB 0784 784 4740
Kind Regards
Maggie Sullivan



Pett Church Flower Festival: help needed

Pett Church Flower Festival will be taking place on the weekend of June 15th and 16th 2019.

The title this year will be (A few of) Our Favourite Things. Arrangers will be asked to come up with their own title which can incorporate their favourite anything, maybe their favourite song, colour, hobby, pastime, film, book, author, season, holiday to name but a few. The list is endless. We still need arrangers, so if you would like to help out we would be really grateful.

Call Val Gill on 01424 812293. Or email Cathy Norris on cnorri@hotmail.co.uk for any more information.

Pett Open Gardens: 25 June

Notice of Election: Rother District Council

Theft From French Court Farmhouse

This morning – Monday 25 March – we realised our Royal Mail old style post box had been stolen, which was by our back gate.  It appears that  there was also an attempt to break into a vehicle of ours.

I wanted to alert local residents  and will also  report  this to the police.


Suzie Gibbons

French Court Farmhouse.

Dead animals by the roadside

Just a reminder that the finding of dead animals beside the road should be reported to Rother District Council on 01424 787000, or by using Report-a-fault – https://eastsussex.fixmystreet.com/

Pett Flower Show and Fayre 2019: schedule and application form

The schedule and application form for the 2019 Pett Flower Show and Fayre – theme ‘Sussex by the Sea’ – can be dowloaded from here




Pett Allotments Association – AGM

Pett Parish Council: Chair’s Report to Annual Parish Meeting

The report by the Chair of Pett Parish Council, Councillor David Penfold, to the Annual Parish Meeting held on 19 March is can be downloaded here

Weekend Cleaner Wanted

Reliable weekend cleaner required at 5* B&B in Fairlight
Good Pay and conditions
Flexible Hours
Please phone Sandra 01424 814916
Email info@stream-house.co.uk

Pett & Pett Level News – April Edition

Mike Wilkins, the Editor, has uploaded the April edition of Pett & Pett Level News here

Pett on the Net – Update since February 2018

Presentation to Annual Pett Parish Council Meeting held on 19 March updating information about Pett on the Net since last year.

Tim Rothwell, Webmaster, Pett on the Net


Head-on crash on A21 – Police Appeal for Witnesses

Police are appealing for witnesses to a collision near Robertsbridge on Friday (March 8).
The collision between two Volvo XC60s happened at 3.35pm on the A21 near John’s Cross and they collided head on.
All the people involved only suffered minor injuries and were all treated at Conquest Hospital.
PC Tom Williamson said: “We are appealing to any witness who had left the scene prior to police arrival to get in touch. We also would like to hear from anyone who may be on the road at the time with dash cam footage.”
Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting serial 763 of 8/3.

Help us keep Sussex safe

Seen something suspicious or have information about a crime or incident? Please contact us online, email us at 101@sussex.pnn.police.uk or call 101.

Alternatively you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111, or online at www.crimestoppers-uk.org