Pett Village Hall Opening and Closing Procedures Check List

In the event of an emergency, please contact Tim Rothwell 07850 469314

Before admitting the public please ensure:

  • All exit doors are unlocked, any fastenings removed, and the push bar mechanism tested and in good working order.
  • Any door on an escape route is not opening in the direction of travel.
  • Escape routes are free from obstruction and available for use.
  • Fire doors are closed, not wedged or propped open.
  • Fire fighting equipment is in place and unobstructed.
  • There are no combustibles stored in areas open to the public.
  • Exit signs are illuminated and not obscured.
  • There is no obvious fire hazard in, or near, the building.

At the end of the function, PLEASE:

  • Wipe all table surfaces, chairs and kitchen worktops clean of any drink or foodstuffs.
  • Replace tables in area provided in lobby.
  •  Stack chairs no more than 10 high, and place in area provided in lobby.
  • If used, ensure Kitchen floor is swept and mopped.
  • If used, ensure Main Hall floor is swept and any spills cleaned with WATER ONLY.
  • If used, hoover Catharine Hollman Room.
  • Check all rooms, including toilets and disabled toilet, remove ALL waste and rubbish from inside and outside the premises after the event.
  • Ensure taps are turned off in kitchen, toilets and disabled toilet.
  • Ensure all electrical appliances, including cooker, water heater, except the refrigeratorand freezer, are turned off.
  • Search for any smouldering fires, cigarettes or vapes left burning around the exteriorof the building.
  • Secure all windows and external doors, except main door. Close all internal doors.Switch off all lights. Set the alarm and lock the entrance door. Check it is locked.
  • Return the key to key safe, close it and jumble up the numbers on key safe.