Why is my local GP-led vaccination service not open all week? Advice from Sussex NHS


Why is my local GP-led vaccination service not open all week?

All our vaccination services are working extremely hard to vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible with the vaccines they have available.

Vaccination supplies fluctuate from week to week and depend on the supply from national stocks. Because they are used as quickly as possible, this means that not all vaccination services operate every day.

Most local vaccination services receive confirmation of their delivery for the coming days, then invite people in to match the number of vaccines available, and then open for dedicated days to use up supplies before they expire. For the Pfizer vaccine, this is usually within a three day window.

GP practices are also working really hard at the moment to maintain both general medical services and the vaccination programme, and so will have teams back in their surgeries to ensure they can continue to provide the day to day care needed by their patients.

So if your local vaccination service doesn’t appear to be busy, the staff will be back in their practices, providing care to patients and booking people in and getting ready for their next vaccination sessions.

The NHS has already offered the vaccine to everyone in the area in the first four priority groups and remains on track to offer it to everyone in the first nine priority groups by May, in line with the national target.

Everyone over the age of 65 is eligible for the vaccine and can book their first appointment online at www.nhs.uk/covid-vaccination or by calling 119. Those in cohort 6, which includes many people with underlying health conditions and their carers, will be contacted by their GP when it is their turn to receive the vaccine.