Our village luncheon club, a HUB where our seniors from the village and surrounding areas can meet once a week.

 We have guest speakers, entertainment, refreshments and a 

Two-course meal, prepared at our beautiful Village Hall.

 Here comes the crux of the matter: we are struggling to find a replacement cook at short notice, so a plea is going out to the village and anyone reading this who may know of a person, possibly a retiree who would want a part time job, a day a week, to cook for up to 40 people and be involved in the community. This is a paid post. The project has a dedicated team assisting the cook in the kitchen, with the preparation and cleaning up.

 The cook works from 8am to 1.30pm on Tuesday and would be required to shop for the materials the night before, there is renumeration for this as well.

The applicant would need to be a driver unless they are within walking distance of the Hall and have a Food and Hygiene certificate, Level 2.

 So, Parishioners would you please wrack your brains, if you know of anyone who may fit the bill. We have advertised, networked and are struggling to find a cook. It may be an ex school cook, someone from the services or the hospitality industry. Please help!


Ann Nicholls  

Chairman, Pett Older People’s Project 


01424 813043