Rother Neighbourhood Watch – Details of a Scam

Good Morning to you all.

Please find below an email I received asking me to send out to you all. Many of us have elderly parents or neighbours that can fall for scams, as they are the ones mostly that are sent to catch out. Many people in our areas are not on computers and mobile phones and are not receiving the information we send out, this is why Rother Neighbourhood Watch is needed in helping the police to catch and stop these people sending out scams. Please let others know the scams we send out by word of mouth.

Also please may I ask you all once again to think about coming forward to volunteer to keep Rother Neighbourhood Watch running, as it has taken me and the committee to get it up running for 7 years and no one is coming forward to help when I step down as your Chairman in November.

Please do not let the work we have achieved go down the drain.

Ted Kemp


Hi Edward

I receive your regular RNW emails as I am a caseworker for Victim Support for Hastings & Rother area. However, information I have recently received came via my work on the Committee as Secretary (formerly Chair and Vice Chair for Battle & District U3A) concerning a member. This information has come indirectly to me and clearly therefore I cannot give specific details of the member. However, I do think, if not previously issued by you (not seen by me) it should urgently be made public. It concerns a scam (police aware) to an 80 year old, though active and having full capacity (but as we all aware these scammers are extremely plausible and clever) of people purporting to be part of a covid survey for older residents. She received a phone call about the survey and sadly gave (no financial details) but informed them that she lived alone and of her address. The criminals turned up at her home in our area late at night… fortunately she managed not to let them in, etc. Not clear quite how events proceeded. However, her family are very cross with her sadly, and she had to be moved to an hotel for a couple of nights, and was then supported in her home for another night or so by family members until it could be more certain that the criminals would not return.

If you can make this more succinct than I have Edward, I would be grateful if this could go out urgently as this member whom I am much aware of would not be someone deemed particularly vulnerable in my opinion (I am also an ex senior social worker for ESCC), but again as we know these scammers are clever and have done their homework!

Best regards and you do great work