Replacement Boilers – Pett Village Hall

Although we now have heating back on in the Village Hall, one of the two boilers is permanently out of action and the second one under strain. The Pett Village Hall Management Committee  have therefore agreed that both boilers should be replaced with new ones as soon as possible and have accepted a quote from our engineers Booker and Best. After some discussion with Booker and Best, this is £4,766 including parts and labour.
We are fortunate that we can call on moneys from the 500 Club, the generous Open Gardenscontribution from Chris and Robin Hutt and our healthy balances, which our Committee predecessors have carefully built up over the years, to meet the cost. We are also fortunate that the Hall is a very popular venue and our income from bookings is constant and increasing.
Work will start on replacing the boilers on WEDNESDAY 12 DECEMBER AND SHOULD BE COMPLETED BY THURSDAY 13 DECEMBER.
I apologise to those who have bookings on those days as there may not be heating at times whilst the work is being carried out but I hope users agree that we have no choice but to go ahead with the replacement boilers. The new boilers are guaranteed for parts and labour by the manufacturer for 10 years and so we hope we can have trouble free heating in the Hall for years to come.
The replacement water boiler in the kitchen should be in place within the next few days.
Kind regards and apologies once again for the inconvenience you have all suffered recently – the Pett Village Hall Management Committee are very grateful for your forbearance and understanding.
Tim Rothwell, Chair, Pett Village Hall Management Committee