Councillor Keith Glazier, the Leader of East Sussex County Council, has sent the following email to the clerks of parish councils in our area, including Mary Philo, the Clerk to the Pett Parish Council.

‘We have seen a significant increase in the number of potholes being reported to us and being found by the Highway Stewards following the recent snow and icy conditions. This is not unusual following periods of snow and ice, we experienced a similar situation following the last significant snowfall in 2013.

Our contractor has reacted accordingly and has doubled the number of resources to deal with the situation. This time last year our contractor had 12 two-man gangs repairing potholes and today we have 23 two-man gangs.

Our contractor has also implemented a modified working regime to deal with the situation:

*   dedicated gangs are dealing with those severe Category 1 potholes ie those that require a repair within two hours. This enables the other gangs to concentrate on their daily work schedules and not be interrupted to deal with emergencies

*   temporary repairs are being made to make roads safe, where appropriate, because of the sheer number of potholes. This is predominately on the lanes and estate roads, but these are being recorded and our contractor will return at a later date to make permanent repairs as required by the contract. This is a short term expedient simply because of the large number of potholes being reported.

We are monitoring the situation with our contractor on a daily basis, and there are signs that we are over the worst of the situation. If Members or Parishes have any particular concerns or wish to report potholes for repair they can do so via their Highway Steward, Customer Service Manager, or via the on-line reporting facility here. The on-line mapping facility will also show whether a particular pothole has already been reported.’