Poppy Yarnbombing – Afterwards…



The poppies are now down and drying off at Pickham Farm.  They have survived wonderfully and are in excellent condition, despite a couple of gales while they were up. Our thanks to Tim and Anne for accommodating them.

The three churches have already indicated which pieces they would like to keep for future years, so there are now about ten lengths of camouflage netting left over.  If anyone would like a length, adorned with the poppies, to decorate their house or garden, please contact Heather Godwin 01424 251849 or 07977 100 296. The lengths are approximately 4 metres long and 1.5metres deep. A couple of lengths are 0.75 metres deep, There are approximately 500 poppies on each full length.

A small donation would be appreciated, but is not essential. We’d rather the poppies went to good homes, than be wasted.

Heather Godwin Pett WI