Pett Village Hall – Opening: Update 16 June

This is an email that has been sent today to all regular users of Pett Village Hall.

I thought it might be helpful to give an update about the possible opening of Pett Village Hall for activities from 4 July following detailed advice the Pett Village Hall Committee have received this afternoon (Tuesday) from ACRE (Action within Communities) via AIRS (Action in Rural Sussex).
The advice is based on the current assumption that community buildings and village halls will be able to open for certain activities from 4 July.
At this stage we are assuming that the social distancing ‘rule’ will remain at 2 metres, but as you know this is under review by the Government and it may be that it will have been reduced by 4 July.
The Committee, together with our maintenance team of  Lue and Richard Cooke and Terry Cornish, are urgently reviewing the steps we need to take to ensure the hall is safe and fit for purpose if we can open from 4 July.
At this stage, we do not think we have the resources to clean the hall after every booking, and would look to users to undertake certain cleaning tasks themselves before and after bookings. We do not propose to alter the times of activities that are already in the diary, but it would be helpful if users could come a little earlier to undertake the necessary preparation tasks and allow for time to clean etc at the end of the session. There should be time between bookings to enable this to happen. There will of course be no extra charge made for any additional time spent at the hall by users.
The Committee also want to make it clear that they will be opening the hall on the condition that they cannot be held responsible for any illness that might be contracted by users at the hall, given that the Committee will have ensured the cleanliness and safety of the hall to the best of their ability.
We will be issuing further detailed advice to you as soon as possible and will be circulating a special Covid conditions of hire document for users’ agreement as a condition of hire.
I accept that there are important details to be clarified, but at this stage it would be helpful if you could possibly give an indication, without of course any obligation, as to whether you think you will want and be able to renew your activities at the hall from 4 July, or from some later date/month. You may of course wish to consult with your regular attendees before coming to a view.
Once we have a clearer picture as to the likely take-up, I will adjust the calendars on the Pett on the Net website accordingly.
If you have any questions, please let me know. I will be taking part in a Zoom Questions and Answer session with the AIRS Village Hall Consultant this coming Tuesday, 23 June at 2pm, so if you have any points you would like me to raise, perhaps you could let me know by then.
Many thanks for your continued cooperation and support.
Tim Rothwell
Chair, Pett Village Hall Management Committee
07850 469314