URGENT: Pett Village Hall Opening – Latest position

This is the latest position regarding the opening of Pett Village Hall from 6 July, which the Pett Village Hall Management Committee announced the other day.

Although the Government have said that the hall can open from 6 July, they have also said in guidance issued today (30 June) that we cannot open for any physical exercise type activities that could be carried out in Sports Centres, Leisure and Dance Centres etc, which remain closed for the time being. Unfortunately these include a number of regular activities at the hall, including dance fitness, pole dancing, badminton, keep fit and short mat bowls. It looks as if it may also cover yoga, tai chi, shamanic healing and gongs. The Pett Village Hall Management Committee are awaiting definitive advice from Action in Rural Sussex (AIRS) about this, but until we are sure they are permitted we will have to say that they cannot restart yet. Our insurers have told us that we may open the hall again, subject to complying with Government advice. I hope you will understand that we must not do anything that would jeopardise our insurance position.

We will of course update you with developments.

Once we have received further advice from AIRS on the Government guidance, we will circulate, either this week or early next week, a special conditions of hire document that we will ask hirers to accept. These have to be accepted in full by hall users as a condition of hire.

My sincere apologies for the disappointment that the current restrictions and uncertainties must cause some users.

If you have any questions at all about the reopening of the hall, please contact me and I will do my best to answer them.

Tim Rothwell, Chair, Pett Village Hall Management Committee

07850 469314