Pett Village Hall Latest News – Opening from Monday 6 July

I can confirm that, following yesterday’s announcement by the Government that the lockdown rules are being eased from 4 July, Pett Village Hall will be open once again from Monday 6 July.

It must be stressed that hall users will have to comply with Government restrictions, particularly in relation to social distancing, so unfortunately not all activities will be able to resume, especially those involving large numbers of participants. The Pett Village Hall Management Committee have drawn up draft special conditions of hire that will apply to the opening of the hall, and it will be a condition of hire that all users agree to the provisions in that document. We are currently awaiting further detailed advice from Action in Rural Sussex (AIRS) in relation to the new rules, but that advice is not expected until next week. Once we have received that advice, we will adjust our draft document accordingly, and then circulate the final document to all hall users so they can confirm their agreement to its terms, as well as making it available on the local Facebook Pages and Pett on the Net.

The Committee have undertaken a detailed risk assessment in relation to re-opening the hall,  based on AIRS advice, which is required by our insurers, and the measures we are introducing are in line with the outcome of that risk assessment.

At this stage, it has to be recognised that hall users will have to play their part in cleaning the areas of the hall they are using before and after the activity – especially important before the activity begins – and ensuring social distancing rules are complied with. Users should be prepared to arrive a bit before their activity and leave a little while after to undertake the cleaning tasks. Obviously no extra hire charge will be levied for the additional time the hall is occupied by a hirer.

The Committee for their part will ensure that sanitisers etc are available and will ensure the hall is thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Further details will be set out in the special conditions of hire document.

A number of regular hirers have already indicated that they would like to resume their activities as soon as possible on or after 6 July. If you have any queries about restarting activities, please contact me as soon as possible.

We really look forward to welcoming our users back to the hall.

Kind regards

Tim Rothwell, Chair, on behalf of the Pett Village Hall Management Committee

07850 469314