Pett Village Hall – Latest Position regarding re-opening

The Pett Village Hall Management Committee have been doing their best to keep hirers and the community up to date with developments regarding the reopening of Pett Village Hall from 6 July.
It has been really difficult to find out from the Government exactly what is and isn’t allowed. We knew that sports type activities would not be permitted: so for the time being dance fitness, keep fit, badminton and pole dancing are not allowed.  But representations have been made this week to Government by Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) to allow yoga, pilates etc to take place.
Sadly, we have just this afternoon received confirmation from ACRE that Government have said that yoga, pilates etc are not permitted either ‘owing to the risk of aerosol transmission of the virus’.
Given that statement, if we were to allow these activities to take place we would not be insured. So regrettably I have to say that yoga, shamanic healing, tai chi and gongs classes also cannot take place at the hall for the time being. I’m very sorry. I will of course let you know if and when this advice changes.

To be honest it doesn’t leave us a great deal that can take place! This clearly will have an impact on the Hall’s finances, although at the moment we are fortunate in having sufficient reserves to see us through for some time to come.

In the light of the latest Government and ACRE advice, the Committee will be finalising the special hire document that all hirers will need to agree to as a condition of using the Hall and will be issuing it next week.

I would like to place on record my thanks to the Village Hall Committee for their support over the last few months and a special thank you to Lue and Richard Cooke and Terry Cornish for all their hard work in keeping the hall clean and maintained over the lock-down and ensuring that it is is safe to use.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with me

07850 469314

Tim Rothwell

Chair, Pett Village Hall Management Committee