Pett Village Hall – Heating Update

As you probably know, we have been having further problems with the heating at the Village Hall. This time it is with the valves to the underfloor heating in the main hall – they have been leaking onto the electrics which has caused the fuses to blow continually. The heating is fine in the Catharine Hollman Room.
The heating engineer has managed to get the system in the main hall working again, but it is not as warm in there as it should be. He has ordered replacement valves which he will fit as soon as they arrive – I may need to ask for a volunteer to cancel their session to enable the work to be done.
I do apologise for all the difficulties we have been having. We did think that the new boilers would solve all the issues but obviously not. The system has been in place for quite a few years now and it is inevitable I guess that these things will occur, but that does not excuse the fact that the main hall is not warm.
Thanks once again for your patience and understanding.
Kind regards
Tim Rothwell

Chair, Pett Village Hall Management Committee