Firstly, I hope that this message finds everyone well in our community. Secondly, may I thank you for your support and patience at this trying time and the wonderful spirit and tolerance observed around our village and beyond.
Now to the reason for my communication, the body of this message relates to how the recent government policy impacts upon the potential re-opening of the tennis court and reintroduction of members. In short I am pleased to report that the new guidelines announced by the government and with additional input from the sports’ governing bodies we are now in a position to invite membership and re-open the court from SATURDAY 16Th MAY @ 9am. 
The court is available to members of Pett Tennis Club and, at this time, will be limited to singles games – thus only 2 people on the court at any time. This allows for both games amongst household members or indeed with a member of another household whilst adhering to the 2m social distancing requirements presently in place. Members will be required to follow further rules on court usage which are fully outlined on the membership form which will be emailed to all wishing to join – all previous years memberships have now lapsed so even past members will need to complete this form.
Owing to recent restrictions imposed and the little preparation time available at present to our volunteers it is appreciated that the court is not in its best condition. As a result of this and a wish to encourage use of this village facility for the health and exercise benefits it can bring to our community at this time the 2020 membership rate has been cut to £20 per household. This allows use by any resident of your home until 1st May 2021 and will still allow for essential incidentals to be paid for to maintain the operation of the club at this time.
If you wish to join and use the court – from Saturday 16th – please email the address below and you will receive an online form to complete, upon receipt of the completed form payment and access details will be shared and your membership will be active.
It is hoped that many of you will enjoy the opportunity, now returned to us, to play outdoor sport once again – but as ever we ask that members are courteous to one another and ensure fair access to all so the most amount of people possible may benefit.
Be patient, keep safe and well – all my best wishes.
Stuart Ware
For membership please email –